Sideline Distraction and a Texas reconciliation?

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Tom Brady seemed extra-efficient on Sunday during last week’s marquee match up, making it look totally routine against Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys. Poor Tony’s expression on the sidelines as he watched Tom put on a clinic was adorable. Or maybe, for both QBs, it all had absolutely nothing to do with football? Kate Hudson was a guest of the New England Patriots that day, first joining Patriots owner Robert Kraft in the owner’s box and then heading down to the bench. Full Story

At Last…It’s Coming!!!

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Thanks to Larry B for the tip… New issue of Entertainment Weekly, Page 19: “EW has learned that the manuscript of Andrew Morton"s upcoming unauthorized Tom Cruise biography just landed in the New York City offices of its publisher, St. Martin"s. The book - due Jan. 15, according to an industry insider - is the dirt-digging latest from Morton, the best-selling author. Full Story

Smutty Sponsor: SoftLips Giveaway #10

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It is Week 10 – the very final week – SoftLips Smutty Sponsorship. Thanks to SoftLips, the inaugural Smutty Sponsor, for the opportunity and the generosity and the product! Thanks to all of YOU for your understanding and your participation. Full Story

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Dear Gossips,

One of the great privileges of working at eTalk is having the great opportunity to meet great people…not celebrities. Then, on the rare occasion, someone like Jully Black comes along. Jully is great people. Jully is a great celebrity. And Jully is a Canadian treasure. Not only because her voice is divine but because her vision is also. Few people are true to the core. Jully is true.

And then you hear her sing. Hearing her sing brought Bill Clinton to tears.

Jully’s new CD Revival comes out today. You can watch the video for the first single Seven Day Fool here. People complain often of the dearth of high quality artists in entertainment. Jully will change your mind.

And Canada… you say you want to support homegrown talent? Well back it up now. Because Jully Black is worth your time. Much more than that little piece of punk ass Avril Lavigne.

Tuesday, live blogging all day, check back often.

Yours in gossip,


PS. Britney was booked for her hit and run and driving without a valid license yesterday. Of course photographers followed her and waited outside the police station. Of course, when offered a back door exit, she refused, preferring to meet her paparazzi courtiers once again outside. With any luck, it’s the last we’ll hear from her today. That’s all.

PPS. Hello BBC! I’ll be on BBC radio tomorrow morning 6:50am local time dishing on Britney, Amy, and more!

Miss Sixty Fragrance Giveaway!!!

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I was invited to the Miss Sixty Vancouver store opening party last Thursday on Robson Street. My credit card fell IN LOVE with these shoes. Do you love them, or do you LOVE them??? For one of you – a 75 ml bottle of Miss Sixty eau de toilette…interested? If so, please send an email to [email protected] Full Story

Lean, Tight

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Riding pants require – demand – no jiggle. And Janet Jackson was owning them last night in NYC. Girl looks amazing! his is of course tenth time or so in as many years that she has bounced back from weight gain, only to lose it rapidly and claim to have conquered yo-yo dieting for good. But now Janet is writing a book about the subject, to share her experience and her struggles with the world. Full Story

The Elusive Bra

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Mrs Beckham has a Birkin in every available shade, her own line of denim, a pair of shoes inspired by her image designed for her by Giambattista Valli, and more. And still… Mrs Beckham still can’t find a decent bra to mask her big ass nipples. This is why she went to the Grove yesterday with the headlights turned on. Full Story

GirlCrushing on the Millers

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Am seriously considering stalking Savannah Miller when I’m in London in a couple of weeks. Am obsessed. And also excited about checking out Twenty8Twelve by S Miller the store that carries the line for which they have been tireless pimping. Here are Savannah and Sienna in the new issue of Nylon out on October 30th and again Sienna the other day with Rhys Ifans who she says is like, so totally not her boyfriend though you bet your boob job they probably have the hottest sex ever. Full Story

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The Best of Canada: Degrassi Gives Back

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Dear World:We gave you Pamela Anderson and Avril Lavigne. I am sorry about that. But we also gave you Celine and the endless pleasure derived from watching her emote through her leg lunges onstage. There are countless other gifts to make up for the silicone/punk ass abominations but oftentimes, and I am guilty of it too, one show in particular is deplorably overlooked. Full Story

El Cantante Exclusive DVD Giveaway!!!

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Those who saw them on tour came back believers – because while Marc Anthony certainly looks like a vampire, he also performs like a hot Latin lover. Many of you have written with testimonials, finally understanding how he finally claimed his Lopez and clearly he did so on stage. Wrote the NY Times: Whenever Marc Anthony takes the stage as Hector Lavoe in El Cantante, he unleashes his charisma and shows that, whatever his limitations as an actor, he is a brilliant performer. Full Story

Ellen: the opposite of Britney and Biel

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Ellen is an animal lover – but not the kind of animal loving professed by Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, toting their accessories from store to store, depriving their pets of the kind of structure and care that they deserve. And not the kind of animal loving professed by Jessica Biel either, supposedly not paying attention during doggy playtime, claiming ignorance when her dog was eaten by another. Full Story