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What was it about this year? Madonna, Michael Jackson, and the Purple Prince were all born in 1958. Can you believe it’s 50? Can you believe Prince is 50? Still as quivering today as he was 20 years ago. Thanks to Romina who sent these lovely photos. Happy 50th oh Purple One. Happy half century! Full Story

Granny Freeze Kisses for the Cameras

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Granny Freeze Nicole Kidman and her husband caught in an affectionate moment the other day in Nashville. Photographers taking this picture also mentioned that she dropped in for a routine visit at the hospital. Funny how the most private moments of Gran’s life, even down to her honeymoon, seem always to be commemorated in perpetuity by the paparazzi. Full Story


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It’s a day late but since I don’t post on weekends, pretend it’s June 8th and play along. Do you remember what happened a year ago? Do you remember the happiest, smuttiest, best day ever??? Do you remember laughing at your desk? Running with joy down the halls? High fiving your colleagues? It was a Friday, I think. Full Story

June 9, 2008 – Smutty Shout-Outs

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Happy Birthday Bethany! To Loren from mi mi, Piglet, Mo, and all your friends who love you so much… Happy Birthday! For Siobhan from Jacinda – Happy Birthday! And thanks for pimping my site off to so many of your friends! Happy 24th Birthday Kimmy…Love, Dan  Full Story

Friday, June 6, 2008

Dear Gossips,

Your boyfriend George Stroumboulopoulos spends an exclusive hour with Coldplay tonight on The Hour.  George gets a tour through their “bakery” with a very relaxed, very chill Chris Martin who keeps wearing the same coat – apparently it’s his signature coat. Speaking of Chris, have you seen the “interview” with Ricky Gervais? Not the one from Extras, but the clip that was posted on Ricky’s site a while ago, both of them giggling their balls off. I like the part when he says “the Chinese don’t know what they’re doing”. Hee. See below.

Finally… it’s Friday. Posting all day. Refresh, refresh, refresh.

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,


Pippy Putts

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It hurts me to post these. It hurts to look at my golf clubs collecting dust in the closet. Just before breaking my arm, I had finally figured out my short game. Was supposed to break 100 this season. Many times. F*cking Mischa Barton Full Story

The Next Generation

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This is Dakota Johnson. She is the daughter of Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson. You might remember her as Miss Golden Globe 2006. I remember her because she looked kinda cracked out that night and terribly, terribly skinny. So it’s no surprise now that Dakota is now modelling. Recently did a shoot for Vogue but, as you would expect, of course she wants to be an actor. Full Story

Who’s Wearing More Foundation?

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Received an email from someone months ago with this observation and since then have been able to see nothing else. Ryan Reynolds wears So.Much.Foundation. Have you seen Definitely, Maybe? Seriously, there’s so much packed in there it’s almost distracting. Not quivering. At all. As you know, I’m not down with his brand of beefcake appeal. Full Story

Mandy Holding Hands

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Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams walked hand and hand through NYC yesterday. Almost forgot they were dating though I suppose it makes sense. Certainly explains her little “bell jar” phase. Mandy won the Breakthrough Award at the MTV Movie Awards a few years ago for A Walk to Remember…remember? I actually enjoyed her much more in a hilarious movie called Saved! But since then good roles have been few and far between. Full Story