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I admit…I was a Britney. Sure Christina had more raw talent and the better voice but still, Britney had that “It”. “IT”, unfortunately, turned out to be dumb as f&ck and lazy as ass. Meanwhile, the best will always prevail. Which is why Christina Aguilera has so gracefully evolved her career. Full Story

Crack Love is Forever

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Kate Moss and Pete Doherty – after throwing him out dramatically and leaking to the papers her commitment to staying away from him and getting in shape and going to the gym and focusing on her daughter – well, of course they’re back together. For almost a week now the two have been shacked up in secret at Claridges, throwing raucous parties, probably getting sh-tfaced stoned. Full Story

Attempted Murder is Not a Felony

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For you and me? Maybe. But for Lindsay Lohan? For a celebrity who twice – that we know of, that she was arrested for – climbs behind the wheel of her car, drunk and stoned off her tree, and attempts to murder everyone on the road...this is evidently not a felony. As it turns out, the LA DA’s office will likely not be pressing charges, will likely drop the charges to misdemeanors instead, which means the most, most, most Lilo will face behind bars – which isn’t likely anyway – is 4 days. Full Story

sh-tting on the Midas Touch

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Straight up stupid. Genetically stupid. Chicken fried stupid. Britney Spears is so f&cking stupid. Her personal life is a disaster. Her career is a disaster – no understatement there. But then Justin Timberlake and Timbaland come along with a duet – written by Pip, produced by Timbaland, to have been recorded last month, and apparently Britney bailed at the last minute, essentially pissing away a golden opportunity, perhaps the ONLY golden opportunity, to work with the hottest, most successful partnership in music today. Full Story

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Dear Gossips,

Am back in Vancouver and just in time. Ten days in my mother’s house nearly killed me.

Anyway, Shrek 3 was playing on the flight home. Total waste of time though Pippy’s voice was perfect as the young Prince. Seriously … it’s the speaking voice. But if the common complaint against David Beckham is his voice, couldn’t the same be said for Little Pip? And if talent earns forgiveness, then Becks’s prowess on the pitch surely must match JT’s skill on the stage, non?

And skilled he is. Talking is one thing. All-round performing is another. Word is JT delivered the goods last night in Toronto. As I was the first to report yesterday, Shelf Ass Jessica Biel flew in on Sunday morning to join him. She travelled with him to the arena, they entered via underground and she was seen roaming from backstage to frontstage to seats throughout the show. I’m told in concert she’s exactly as Cam was: singing along (only not as loudly) to every song, almost worshipful while watching her ticket to the A List. By all accounts, both were in fine spirits which may be why audience members say JT was much more engaging this time around. JT’s night in Toronto with the Shelf Ass – more on that later.

Tuesday, all day blogging, check back often.

Yours in gossip,


Alba’s New Beau?

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She broke up with that Cash dude supposedly over the phone just weeks ago, now I hear that the Alba has a new beau – photos attached per earlier post. These images were taken in Vancouver where Jessica has been on reshoots for The Eye. He is believed to be a model, I’m told he has no official role on the set. Full Story

Snoop & BC Bud

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The Amsterdam Café is well known here in Vancouver. I’m told exclusively that Snoop Dogg paid a visit there at the weekend. I’m sure you can figure out why the establishment is so popular? Best story ever. So I’m told he had a plane to catch on Saturday night. Was held up at the Amsterdam Café and only arrived half an hour before his flight with BC’s famous bud allegedly wafting from his body and his eyes supposedly squinty and red. Full Story

Junior uses Junior

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Now that the Original Federline has a job and a very lucrative custody settlement in the works, KFed Jr is desperate to get his hands on a piece of the action too. You’ll recall, before leaving his wife and two children, Junior called himself an actor. Still tries to call himself an actor though these days, you know him best as the golddigger with enough intestinal fortitude to marry Tori Spelling and the admirable shamelessness to actually tell people she’s his soulmate. Full Story

Dog Whisperer Season 2 Exclusive DVD Giveaway!

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I mentioned a few weeks ago I’m obsessed with Cesar Millan. I rehabilitate dogs, I train people. I am the Dog Whisperer. Snort. Having said that, my beagle Marcus has benefited from several of Cesar’s lessons – namely, stop eating my shoes, you punk. Here he is last night, after being away from us for 10 days, he appeared to have missed his favourite chair more than his parents. Full Story

Drew Spike 2

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Kissing furiously in March, then nothing, following by reports of canoodling with the overrated Zach Braff, but Drew has once again been seen in the company of a very hirsute Spike Jonze. A Coppola now a Barrymore – what is with this guy getting the legacy ladies? PS. Her boobs look smaller to me. Full Story

Aniston & The Chosen One

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Stephen Huvane’s primary duty as Jennifer Aniston’s publicist is to deny everything. His target this time is a publication no one has ever heard of based in the UK. Look Magazine claims to have landed an exclusive interview with Aniston in which she reveals the true nature of her relationship with Paul Sculfor, her hook ups with Brad Pitt’s mother Jane, and her meeting with The Chosen One Shiloh Jolie-Pitt. Full Story