Most Desperate: Debra Messing

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She hasn’t been right on the red carpet in a long time. Everything about this wedding dress sucks: it looks cheap, the seams seem off, it wrinkles too easy, and at the end of the day, it’s not flattering. She just wanted it too badly, you know? Always a harbinger of disaster. source Full Story

The Emmys 2007

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I love Christina Aguilera. Why can’t Britney rip off a small piece of Christina? Ryan Seacrest was actually not as irritating as I thought he’d be. Maybe because Katherine Heigl had that honour? Fashion review below. And as always, not what you and I would wear, but what they could and should and don’t. Full Story

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Dear Gossips,

Am working Sunday to make up for Friday when I hit a wall by afternoon and slept for 16 hours straight.

Thursday night was epic: the Hello Magazine/eTalk party for NY Serenade starring Chris Klein went down at C Lounge, followed by the usual… ending the evening at the Park Hyatt at 4am only to get up 3 hours later to get ready for an early interview with Kevin Bacon. That man is STILL a sexy beast.

Tying up TIFF loose ends, small smutty details I’ve forgotten over the rush of the festival, leading right in to Emmy coverage Monday morning. The gossip never stops.

Can’t tell you how much I appreciate your patience and understanding over the last 10 days during TIFF. Blogging on a regular schedule starting now. And as a small token of my gratitude, stay tuned later this week for a final TIFF giveaway.

Thank you, love you, owe you.

Yours in gossip,


PS. Happy 24th Birthday Tori L! Am honoured that my smut helped you through graduate school. Big hug and all the best.

PPS. Happy 30th to Tash from her bestie Eleanor who had to move to Sydney and was gutted she couldn’t stay to celebrate with you in London.

PPPS. To those who’ve asked about the feather necklace and dress I was wearing on eTalk a week ago Friday – plain tank dress by James Perse (LOOOVE James Perse) and the most beautiful one of a kind piece designed by Danielle Sweeney. Obviously not for every day but with a simple white beater and a pair of jeans… it totally dresses up casual even without heels. Love, love, love.

PPPPS. To Carine for her famous guacamole – was lovely meeting you. Thank you for the much needed fat. It came in handy as the last vodka soda sent me over…

TIFF Loose Ends

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The best party was a party for the randoms. Aritzia on Bloor Street Monday night – we had the best time. Jena Malone showed up, so did Gus Van Sant (???). Also the dude from Entourage who plays Harvey Weingard, based on Harvey Weinstein. So I was a little drunk when I asked him to swear and spit. Full Story

TIFF Svengali

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Everyone on the party circuit observed it this week – Harvey Weinstein and Jessica Alba, always with their heads bowed together, always deep in conversation. He talking at her, she nodding acquiescently. At one point he was supposedly overheard giving her advice about her relationship. Harvey doesn’t seem to be a fan of Cash Warren – nothing personal, of course, just pointing out Cash’s limited value on the professional front. Full Story

TIFF Clooney

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He was lost in the TIFF shuffle and the Pitt frenzy – am sorry, although unlike Cannes, there wasn’t much smut-wise to tell about George Clooney’s visit to Toronto, except to say he was a total stud and charmed the panties off everyone… male and female. George was a fixture at the Windsor Arms, preferring to hold court there during his stay – the hotel’s old boys club vibe was perfect for his tastes. Full Story

TIFF Manorexic

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Hate myself for finding him sexy. Because Ethan Hawke is such a cheesedick, he really is. But I loved Reality Bites and there’s something about being stupid and 21 and what you find attractive at 21 that you can never shake, no matter how much growing you do in between. Troy Dyer is the kind of loser only a college student would want to take home. Full Story

TIFF Heartbreak

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For a refresher on why Joaquin Phoenix is now sad smut, please click here Having said that, because fair is fair, following my post on Thursday about his alarming behaviour at the junket, I was contacted by a source from the film company handling publicity for the movie with clarification on Joaquin’s schedule that day. Full Story

TIFF Girlcrush

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There have actually been a few. Michelle Rodriguez is one of them…can you believe it? Just haven’t had time to explain. More on Michelle later… This is about Rachel McAdams. Wednesday night was the premiere of Married Life. The big draw of course was Rachel – and she did not disappoint. Full Story

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Dear Gossips,

I"m sorry I"ve been so late to post. It"s noon eastern (Toronto) and I"ve yet to write anything substantial as it"s been a brutal morning not made any easier by the fact that I only stumbled into bed at 4am after a night at Roof II at the Park Hyatt. 

Roof II is definitely the place to be.  It"s where Brad and Angelina cuddled, where Jude Law held court two nights in a row, and where Paris Hilton has chosen to end her evenings. It was my first time in the same room as Ebola and even though I made sure to keep full distance, this morning I woke up with a motherhonking HUGE zit. F*cking skank.

Woke up at half past 7, dashed to a shoot for 8:30am followed by junket rotation for Reservation Road. Interviewed Joaquin Phoenix, Jennifer Connelly, etc.

Great gossip on the way but first another shoot with eTalk and then a screening which means I can"t post til late afternoon Toronto time. A thousand apologies.

But I do have the most charming story about Mark Ruffalo on deck, in addition to everything else above and Scott Speedman too and Freddie Prinze Jr and Chris Klein and  yes... Rachel McAdams!!!

Please check back later. And please forgive that today has turned into such a logistical nightmare. TIFF is, as I"ve said, balls to the wall. Am trying to steal laptop time whenever I can. I know I suck for being such disappointingly tardy.

I hope the smut will be worth it?

Yours in gossip,


PS. Stay tuned for another Swag Giveaway...this time from Roots. I"m trying to buy your forgiveness, you see.



Ebola on the Roof

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Last night, Roof II at the Park Hyatt, Toronto… it was already pretty busy when I got up there close to midnight. Full of film executive and agent types, overflowing with slime and cheese. At one point when we were on the patio, some douche came over to Sasha and me because he wanted to talk to the “Orientals”. Full Story