All Star Rossum on Video!

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 25, 2007 00:00:00 September 25, 2007 00:00:00

Have you eaten? If so… use caution. I dry heaved my way through breakfast over this. But still…in it’s own cheese way, in a way only she can deliver, Emmy Rossum’s new video is all kindsa hilarious. Part Neutrogena commercial, part photo shoot, part self adulation, part Bridget Jones rip off, see the Rossum in various degrees of Rossum ranging from writhing around on white sheets in her bed, to running across a bridge with her breasts bound and heaving, to FLOATING ON WATER in an angelic yellow dress while emoting to camera all while her does eyes gaze out at you imploringly and her hair whips around, carried by the wind and her whimsy. Full Story

Booby Ball 2007

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Promotion for a good cause: Healthy boobies are important. So every year I make it a point of promoting the annual Booby Ball in support of Rethink Breast Cancer We all know someone. For me, it’s my mother in law. Full Story

Why Bridget is Bitter and Bitchy

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They were dating, they broke up, supposedly had not-very-careful goodbye sex, then he moves on not to a mousy looking football groupie but to Gisele Bundchen – easily one of the most amazing looking women on the planet. Can you blame Bridget Moynahan for burning the way she is? I’d be bitter and bitchy too. Full Story

Desperate for Randoms

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Heath Ledger is a far cry from his hotness in A Knight’s Tale but still… he is, after all, a movie star. And he still looks better than Zach Braff. So does he really have to stoop to this? Evidently whatever cougar moves Helena Christensen put on him weren’t lasting because Heath was seen the other day in New York with a wing man who ran after two random girls as they were leaving some hotel and offered them Heath’s address, requesting that they drop by. Full Story

Denise’s Day of Reckoning

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It’s not good form, it’s certainly not classy but some say when you deal with scum, you inevitably have to get a little scummy. And Denise Richards is definitely scum. So Charlie Sheen is getting scummy right back. He’s had a lot of practise. You will recall, last week Denise filed a motion with the court questioning Charlie’s competence as a parent, alleging that he engages in inappropriate internet pornographic activity – an accusation she first raised when they split. Full Story

Hollywood Ebola infects Sweden

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North America is already raging from her virus, Greece was besieged, Germany was infected last year, and now Hollywood Ebola has unleashed her disease on Sweden. This is Paris Hilton’s new man. His name is Alexander Vaggo. Some young hot backpacker dude she picked up outside a hostel the other day and in her own Pretty Woman moment has dressed him up in nice clothes and hooked him up with a modeling agent. Full Story

Monday, September 24, 2007

Still enjoying vacay in small, sleepy, delightful fishing village but cable is out across the entire town! Am now known as the Big City Bitch who keeps harrassing locals for internet. They are working on it. I have 2000+ words ready to post so please check back, as soon as they fix I will be online. Am now world"s first prostitute for online access. Yours in gossip, Lainey.




Dear Gossips,

It begins. TV Premiere Week has arrived – brand new episodes of Friday Night Lights at last and if you still haven’t rented the first season on dvd, hailed by most critics and sports writers and non-sports writers and anyone who loves a good drama, as the most perfect season of television, like, ever…

Seriously… Why the hell not???

But that’s the reality, non? Dancing with the Stars will likely score higher ratings, FNL will likely be cancelled by Christmas. Good taste is dead.

And on that happy note – it’s Monday, live blogging all day from the birthday getaway in Ucluelet, British Columbia, where two sea lions (???) woke me up this morning honking on a rock, oblivious to the fact that it was only 5am.

Love it here …though the only downside is the fact that internet service in this sleepy little town has been up and down all weekend. I miss technology.

Yours in gossip,


PS. Happy 25th to Lindsay from Stephanie – it’s a milestone, celebrate in style!

PPS. Happy 18th to the girl from Rocky Mountain House, Alberta with a mom called Heather. Am thrilled that smut is a mother/daughter activity!

PPPS. So Hollywood Ebola flew back to Toronto from LA on Friday. This from a slamdunk source: first thing she supposedly did was head to the loo and throw up. The pukey smell apparently lingered well after she was finished. Quite an interesting pattern emerging as she also emptied the contents of her diseased stomach all over the staff washroom at Ultra a couple of weeks ago. Paris Hilton must have the flu, right?

Heads up Canada – she’ll be back for a while. Wash your hands often. Infection is deadly.

LaineyBooks: Life on the Refrigerator Door

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 24, 2007 14:36:03 September 24, 2007 14:36:03

A new review. Life on the Refrigerator Door By Alice Kuipers I had heard mid-summer about six weeks before its Canadian release date that Alice Kuipers’ novel was the buzz of the season among the “literati”. Word is there was a bidding war, word is international publishers and editors were losing their sh-t and very keen to acquire the rights. Full Story

The New Denise Richards?

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I wonder – do the paps hang out at church? They must do because here’s Bridget Moynahan, who wants all to know that Tom Brady wronged her, dutifully at church yesterday carving out a new image: devout single mother walking with the Lord. Do you smell Denise Richards? I smell Denise and maybe Shelf Ass’s rep for good measure. Full Story

Girl…shut your ass!

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Atonement is a beautiful film. I loved every minute. Especially since it could have been a disaster given all the pressure of adapting it from such a brilliant book. Thankfully the movie is outstanding – wonderful cinematography, wonderful performances. Another winner from Keira Knightley who has managed to tame her pout and answer the call as one of the most talented actresses of her generation. Full Story

Recovering with Clooney

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I’d hobble around on crutches for him too. As you’ve probably heard, George Clooney and his flavour of the month Sarah Larsen were involved in a motorcycle accident on Friday. He suffered a rib fracture, she some cuts on her face and a broken foot. But still they hit the town last night night in NYC. Full Story