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We were duped, I think. All of us were duped. Last week word broke that John and Jessica had broken up, conveniently the same day as her party here in Cannes to announce production on Major Movie Star - a last minute event that attracted surprisingly large numbers… Now Jessica has returned to New York and they’ve gone out on a date already, prompting a reversal – they are apparently back on… Coincidence or conspiracy? This stinks so badly of Joe Simpson I can’t believe I missed it. Full Story

At the du Cap

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Last night, having cocktails at Hotel du Cap on terrace, an Oceans 13 dinner was going on next door at Eden Roc without Brad and Angelina who were at The Might Heart gala. But George Clooney, Don Cheadle, Matt Damon with Luciana, Andy Garcia, the super rich producers I’m too hung over to name… all of them present, and all of them spilled over back to the du Cap bar just after midnight. Full Story

On the Carpet

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I thought it was crazy enough earlier in the day during the press conference but that was just the press. Out in front of the Palais, where fans had been waiting for hours, they totally lost their sh-t. Again, in photos Angelina is always pursing her lips for her pose so it’s hard to tell the body language. Full Story

Monday, May 21, 2007

Dear Gossips,

Finally. Finally I have seen them in person – who else but Brad and Angelina? I’ve been fortunate enough to be witness to many a crazy celebrity situation but nothing compared to the buzz today created around these two. Trust.

Many of you enjoy detail…full blow by blow below but suffice to say, given that I was just watching them with my smutty wonky eye – there was no recent break up and there will be no break up at least in the near future. For personal and professional reasons, these two are totally together.

Monday – live blogging, check back often, and a Cannes contest too! Special gift from me to you!

Yours in gossip,


PS. I have been posting every day from Cannes - even Saturday and Sunday. So if you haven"t visited since Friday, scroll down, make sure you catch up on the last few days! And click on "View More Articles" at the bottom of the page in case my new entries push the Saturday ones further back.

Why Bother?

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Britney in Miami after an error-filled Florida weekend. First the lipsync fiasco in Orlando then her bra busted open in Miami last night necessitating a 3 minute break from her 15 minute set which is 20% of her total performance time…clearly when it comes to Britney, perfect is impossible. As for her post-performance ensemble. Full Story

Hooch from a bottle

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source Vodka straight from the source – word is that’s how Lindsay Lohan chugs the sauce, the other day in NYC before catching a plane to LA at 3am. Apparently this is what Dina Lohan calls normal behaviour for someone who just exited rehab. Full Story

The Chemistry

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The press conference panel was long. Like almost 9 people, maybe more. Mariane Pearl, Michael Winterbottom, Angelina Jolie, and Dan Futterman sat in the centre. Brad was way off at the left end if you were facing them directly. Naturally, once the Q&A got going, once people did the perfunctory and respected Mariane with questions about her story, the personal questions started coming. Full Story

The Frenzy

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This morning’s screening was for press only. And so the building was full of journalists, all of them congregating for a glimpse of the Brangelina phenomenon. The queue began early – there were reporters in line to get into the press room almost 3 hours ahead of time. So as the hour approached for their arrival, a frenetic energy started to build. Full Story

A Mighty Heart

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They were here today for A Mighty Heart – the screening took place at 10:45am following by a photo call and then a press conference at 1pm. About the film - very well received, with some comparing Michael Winterbottom’s direction to Michael Mann’s: tightly shot with a journalist’s eye, almost like a reality show without the fake. Full Story

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Dear Gossips,

Only been the first weekend in Cannes and a permanent hangover already. Every evening begins at midnight and ends well after dawn…

But last night was the best. Last night was the U2 mini-concert on the steps of the Palais – Bono and the Boys live, blaring out onto the street…kicks Britney’s tragic lipsync up the arse. Can she sing??? At all???

Sorry…I digress. How insulting to U2 to have to be interrupted, especially by her.

So it was the premiere of the band’s concert doc called u2 3D, hugest crowd yet gathered outside at 1am and hitting up the bars afterwards.

Then it was over to the Hotel du Cap for the Vanity Fair party which is where my Leo held court in low key fashion with Jude Law’s new wingman James Blunt who, for reasons that have escaped me, can’t seem to keep the girls off his jock. Ew. And Mischa Barton was there too, having just signed on to the upcoming St Trinian’s alongside Colin Firth, Emily Watson, and Rupert Everett ….WTF?

No ….seriously ….among people who can actually act, how the hell is she going to keep up?

Five days down and many more to come – Cannes really heats up this week with everyone on pins and needles for the arrival of George Clooney and the Oceans crew. A Mighty Heart screens for the press Monday as well – will be heading there and then the press conference immediately afterwards…keep you posted.

Don’t forget to scroll down, catch up on articles you may have missed. I updated on Saturday as well.

Yours in gossip,

All Time

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Said it before and I’ll say it again – he is not on the Freebie Five because one night would never do. One night with Johnny Depp…only one night… are you crazy??? No no… Johnny deserves An All Time standing. Johnny Depp is All Time. And check him out at the Pirates premiere last night Disneyland. Full Story