The Opposite of Gong Li

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This is what Bai Ling chose to wear to the Shanghai Baby photocall today…are you surprised? She is the reason why some idiots still think Asian girls are good for massages and are really bendy in bed. I mean it’s one thing to rebel against Hello Kitty, it’s another to permanently encourage the Ching Chong Mail Order Bride…which is exactly the consequence. Full Story

Gong Li in an elevator

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Been a fan of Gong Li for a long, long time – my mother always tell me I have a bent face, lopsided and droopy to the left…which is why I’ve always identified with her. Gong Li has a little benty face too. In her case however she’s gorgeous. So I was a little disappointed to see her not looking so great on the carpet at the Cannes Opening Ceremony on Wednesday night. Full Story

Best Cover Ever

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They could have done the expected and made it all cool and slick…Johnny Depp and Keith Richards, two of the coolest and slickest, on the cover of Rolling Stone. But instead it’s sweet, and loving, and endearing and even honest… I love it. Do you love it? Keith of course is playing Captain Jack’s father in Pirates 3 as it is now widely known that Johnny based his interpretation of the character on Keith and was instrumental in bringing him on board for the third instalment:"He was one of the people I admired for what he"s done and how he"s handled it. Full Story

The Star of Cannes

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It hurt to write that. Excruciating pain. But during a week of sin and sex, when things get going at 2am, who else could be Queen but Pamela Anderson. She was flown out for a day to promote her sh-t ass movie Blonde and Blonder and also to promote the new Cannes Nikki Beach (a club). We were there for an hour or so last night – it was decadent Euro cheese at its finest: men with chains and tight shirts, women dancing on tables, bad house beats thump thump thumping, every accent imaginable…and some woman singing along to the music, random words from other well known songs ripped off to match whatever melody just happened to be playing and then screeching – NIKKI BEACH! – every 5 seconds. Full Story

Hollywood Ebola Concedes

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Do you smell something stank? I smell something stank. Paris Hilton has dropped her appeal, deciding not to fight her prison sentence and submitting to the mandated 23 days as amended by the LA Sheriff’s Department…which means it’s willing to go to jail. Hollywood Ebola willingly locked up? Trust me, this bitch is cooking something. Full Story

Little Sci on the set!

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Little Sci and Katie on the set of Mad Money in Louisiana – super cute, non? Trademark Mapother jet straight hair… and by Mapother I mean Thomas Cruise Mapother (his full name) and also his cousin William Mapother to whom many of you say Little Sci bears a striking resemblance. Snort. So anyway, as previously reported, the First Family of Scientology has temporarily moved to Shreveport while Mom works - Little Sci spending quality time with the GMD as creepy minders make sure Katie doesn’t stray too far from her teachings. Full Story

Please just rock The Buzz

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No matter how bad she looks bald or buzzed, it can’t be worse than this. And I have a sinking suspicion she probably looks rather cute with her hair growing out – sexy in a hard ass kind of way. But just as we saw with her low classy wig collection, Britney is going budget on extensions with gaping holes and ratty corns at the back of her head. Full Story

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Dear Gossips,

The amazing thing about Cannes is how random it is. There are the mega-celebrities, there are the international superstars – having finally seen Aishwarya Rai in person…now I totally get it. Woman is beyond beautiful.

But then there’s Billy Zane. Billy who? Exactly. Only thing I can recall about Billy Zane without Google is that he was the bad guy in Titanic…and if you have to be Googled to be remembered, do you really count? Especially if you’re a total cheeseball?

And then there’s that Victoria Silvstedt woman – some kind of pin up doll I would have never known but for a pappy video taken of her several months ago getting, um, culinarily sampled in the nether regions by an old rich fart. Next thing you know, she shows up last night at the Opening Ceremony during the VIP portion of the arrivals… WTF?

But enough of the D List. There were models and billionaires everywhere, there were actors everywhere, and then there was Juliette Binoche.

There are no words for Juliette Binoche. An Oscar for The English Patient, yes, but for me it will always be The Unbearable Lightness of Being and of course: It’s your favourite. Did you love Chocolat?

Wednesday – posting between screenings and shoots. Seinfeld today! Check back often, scroll down for a late post you may have missed...

Yours in gossip,

PS. Over two weeks in Cannes requires a lot of clothing. My thanks and love to Heather at Kiss & Makeup for styling me at the last minute! Kiss & Makeup will be adding apparel to the growing list of goodies at the apothecary. Kiss & Makeup Apparel launches soon and they will have the line that everyone wants: Alice + Olivia. I’m telling you, if you haven’t already, try the pants. The pants fit like no other…even for someone carrying around 12 pounds of not smoking, the pants rock ass. Also my new obsession – my Cynthia Vincent shoes, see attached below, available now at Kiss & Makeup. Will wear these for Jakey G and Daniel Craig in a few days. Hopefully both at the same time.

Improved but Unwelcome

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See what I meant earlier about letting in the riffraff? On the one hand there’s Juliette Binoche, on the other there’s this one, looking marginally improved last night in Cannes at the Louis Vuitton party but still far from there. The pattern – isn’t this what you’d slip over a bikini on the beach? Full Story

KFed spawns another

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The original married and destroyed Britney, KFed Junior married and is living off Tori Spelling. And now comes another: Calum Best, now KFed the Third, currently exploiting Lindsay Lohan and it’s working, don’t you think? How many of you had heard of Calum Best 2 weeks ago? Looks like Lilo is the latest victim of Goldiggery. Full Story

Sexy Humour and His Wife

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My husband always brags about seeing Radiohead in the mid-90s at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver – small venue, legendary acoustics, a music lover’s dream. Now I have something to match him. Today, Jerry Seinfeld at the media presentation for Bee Movie – his animated collaboration with Dreamworks about the plight of bees and the mistreatment of bees in our society that he conceived and wrote along with many former members of the Seinfeld show. Full Story