The Blonde Posh

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By now I’m sure you’ve seen it. Victoria’s new ‘do. Now blonde and bimbo and weave and wavy is one thing. But short and sassy in a sea of straggly locks? Love, love, love. Here she is rockin’ a shorter version of her signature cut, lightened for the California climate, but not to the extreme, and truth be told - never thought so before - my girl looks good as an ash blonde. Full Story

Tuesday, February 27, 2007
Post-Oscar Gossip Still to follow: smut and observations from the parties. Please excuse typos , will include the immediate goods first (TomKat and Posh and Orlando) and come back later for more. It’s Tuesday 4am, been up since Saturday and crystal meth is absolutely never the option. Apologies to the two ladies who wrote to me today complaining about the delay. Am headed home tonight so with a little sleep, the smut should be quicker coming. Yours in gossip, Lainey PS. Oscar fashion review is complete. Please scroll down. PPS. I love Canada. I am Canadian. Canada is the best. But Canada needs Targé. Canada also needs Baja Fresh and Marc Jacobs and Cold Stone Creamery, only like the best ice cream EVER.

The Daily Healthy: Keira Knightley

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Source Like…how could anyone doubt her commitment to food and healthy habits? Anyone with sound mind and judgement and eyesight can see that Keira Knightley is the picture of glowing gorgessity. Right? Oh yes. Totally.  Full Story

Posh in white, Posh in black

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In white at Elton John’s party, she also attended VF. And watching this woman pose is the treat of a lifetime. You can tell she has spent hours and hours and hours in her bedroom practicing, jutting out one hip, adjusting all the bones in her back, in absolute control over every inch of her body. And without a doubt, she LIVED for the attention. Full Story

Madge & Guy: Deathgrip at VF

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She looked stunning, similar to how she looked in that Sex coffee table book over a decade ago. Which is kinda weird but whatever. Definitely not as weird as her chemistry with her husband. You see it in the photos all the time – his grip on her, always clasping her arm tightly like there’s no other way to walk out as a couple. Full Story

Tom Cruise: Presenting Katie Holmes

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OK the photo alone is ridiculous enough but watching it is even funnier. Somewhere out there I hope Vanity Fair releases for public consumption their own video feed from the event – f*cking hilarious. In the meantime, I’ll try to explain it as best I can. As you can see – he’s “presenting” her. Full Story

Three Whiskers after hours

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Monday morning 4am – as I mentioned earlier I was waiting for a pick up at the Roosevelt with eTalk host Ben Mulroney when we saw Orly just getting back from post-Oscar partying. He went upstairs, came back downstairs to an SUV full of eager girls waiting inside. When he opened the back door they were giggling, a lot of negotiation going on – should we, shouldn’t we…remember back in high school? When you and your friends met up with him and his friends and there’s always that moment before the decision, when you didn’t want to seem to eager but you also didn’t want to go home and the boys retreated to a corner and the girls retreated to a corner, and the boys would joke and jock around and make bets on who would get blown first and the girls would hum and haw and analyse it to death before finally coming together in the end anyway? Well that’s exactly what was going on outside the Roosevelt. Full Story

Monday, February 26, 2007
Dear Gossips, It’s just after midnight, have a couple of hours to blog before heading off for a few morning show interviews re: Oscar round up. Please excuse typos and mistakes? Still a few hours to go til the end of an all nighter and still pretty jacked about tonight. Seriously gossips…the red carpet is a level of crazy you have to see to believe. And believe me, it is coordinated with military precision… as in a holding tent just before the photo wall, perfectly timed for staggered arrivals – on tv it looks like there are a thousand people milling about haphazardly but in reality? Absolute clockwork. We were the only crew in Canada to have two exclusive positions: one strategically placed on the carpet for all arrivals and another on a balcony overlooking the corridor going into the Kodak and just above Andre Leon Talley’s position and Ellen Degeneres camera corner. Believe me, we saw everything. But first things first – Tom and Katie did not do the pre-show. Katie in fact was nowhere to be found. And if she was, we didn’t see her. I’m sure by now however you’ve heard the reports that they showed up with Little Sci at rehearsal on Saturday and introduced her to, like, every member of the crew. Ben Affleck was without Jennifer Garner. More on that tomorrow. Ryan Gosling was without Rachel McAdams. More on that later and seriously, there really is absolutely NO smutty tingling there. McGoslings – I’m telling you, you need to chill out. All the dirt I can possibly remember mixed in with style review below. I fly home Monday night. Will post as much as I can until I pass out. Yours in gossip, Lainey PS. There was a glitch on the site earlier that has now been fixed. A thousand apologies for the inconvenience. PPS. The live telecast was a trip. Stressful but a trip. Thanks for all your emails of support. I’m so sorry I’m not able to reply to them all but I promise, I’ve read each and every one. PPPS. Remember – the blog works in reverse chronological order. Posts at the top are the most recent. To start at the beginning, scroll down and click on View More Articles. PPPS. Andre Leon Talley is the new Hoff.

Worst Dressed & Desperate: Jessica Biel

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Ummm…WTF??? For weeks I’ve been bitching about her unfounded arrival on the scene and for good reason - given last night’s atrocious outing, Jessica Biel is clearly playing in the wrong sandbox. Girl is WAY out of her league. Like, did she crimp her hair??? And age 15 years? And go colour blind in the process? Because if you’re going to make such an audacious move, if you’re going to attempt to wrench attention away from everyone else, at least…at the very least … put on a good show. Full Story

Best Dressed: Gwyneth Paltrow

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Call me biased all you want, but if the authority on all things fashion is a Gay Man, my Gwyneth rocked it hardcore at the Oscars in spectacular style, because every gay man I’ve consulted on the matter, from here to Australia, enthusiastically flapped and fanned his approval. And we all know Gwyneth is exactly the kind of girl who only dresses for girls and gays and NOT People Magazine for the MiniVan Majority. Full Story

Best Bitch: Reese Witherspoon

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Another Nina Ricci, probably a tad too similar to the Globes and the SAGs but still, from head to toe – absolutely flawless. Now I’ve seen her before, I saw her at TIFF, at the premiere of Penelope, and even then I was amazed by her beauty. But on Oscar night, Reese took stunning to another level. She might be little but when she’s standing right in front of you, she absolutely pops. Full Story