Us Weekly vs Britney

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Like I said… you do NOT want to get on Janice Min’s bad side. And Britney has long feuded with Us Weekly. So on the heels of her OK Magazine disaster and her video shoot disaster and her overall general disastrousness, the magazine’s new cover is one of the worst ever: Britney’s Boys: Soda in baby bottles, Mommy’s many men, nighttime cries for Daddy’s love. Full Story

The Daily Rossum: The Rossum Record!

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As mentioned a few weeks ago, Emmy Rossum is trying to sing. Click here for a refresher on how she Rossumed the American national anthem. It’s the way old ladies sing at church. Anyway, her new record was released today online – here’s the album cover and note the title: Inside Out, lyrics are as follows: “Inside out/Before you now/Bare these bones/And lay me down…Will you take me as I am?” Hurl. Full Story

How ‘Bout Her Veins?

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SJP (looking – ahem – tired???) threw a garden party the other day in conjunction with Elle Magazine illustrating inadvertently why, once and for all, they should leave well enough alone. Sex and the City ended brilliantly. Perfectly. So other than gouging more money out of an already sated public, what really would be the point of a movie? As for SJP’s rather veiny arms – veiny like Angelina Jolie - will SJP be accused of an eating disorder? Or heroin addiction? No of course not. Full Story

Disappointing Posh

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The GMD and Katie out for dinner in Berlin last night. But despite countless hours of instruction from her BFF Victoria Beckham, Katie failed miserably in Posh impersonation by actually stepping out without makeup. I like that about her. She looks tired and pale, but better that than orange and caked to cover up the spots, non? Just sayin’… Interestingly enough, when she’s allowed to roam free on her own around town, while Tom is shooting Valkyrie, Katie actually looks much, much better. Full Story

When Pete speaks…

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I read! No but seriously… it’s so wrong, but SO compelling. And while I could give a sh-t what comes out of Kate’s mouth, there is something endlessly fascinating about Pete Doherty’s junkie prose, this time delivered verbally to a British tabloid, the same one that broke the story of Kate’s cocaine scandal, in a public attempt to win back her heart. Full Story

When Attention Whores speak...

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Access Hollywood and The Insider have become Dina Lohan’s personal publicists. Every day it seems she’s releasing a statement, telling off Jay Leno, telling off Rob Schneider, furthering her own agenda, instead of actually doing what she should be doing: mothering her children… properly. Full Story

The First Photo!

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Jake and Reese back together! And physically together! After a reported split, looks like the two couldn’t resist. She picked him up at his place, they cruised over to hers. And they are coming to Toronto for Rendition to show their film at TIFF. Same hotel? Same floor? Stay tuned… In the meantime, this certainly complicates matters for those who keep insisting Jake is gay - would America’s Sweetheart beard a homo for the sake of selling a movie? After all, she did flaunt the fraud of her marriage for Oscar… Doesn’t that make her just like Posh? Or… is Jake straight (as I’ve, perhaps naively so, maintained all along) and are they simply in love? Gossip buffet. Full Story

Ebola to infect Canada…again

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The last time Hollywood Ebola spread her legs in Canada, her disease nearly wiped out a relationship and sounded the death toll on a hockey career. And she was only here for 2 days. Can you imagine the destruction after several weeks? And during the Toronto International Film Festival, no less? Disaster ahead… look out. Full Story

Usher: baby mother > mother… for now

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Usher and Tameka Foster pictured here, exclusively to Us Weekly…he insists they are still together and that they still plan on getting married. "As of right now we don"t have a date but we will let you know when we do." And he is also giving his friends the OK to start talking too, as several insiders have revealed to the magazine that the ceremony was called off because Tameka was admitted to hospital on Friday. Full Story

Monday, July 30, 2007

Dear Gossips,

As you can see, there is movement on the Freebie Five. Except it’s broken and I can’t fix it and Ralph Fiennes should be gone and Simon Pegg should be #5. Because while of course he’s always been brilliant and always bloody hilarious, until this weekend I had no idea Simon Pegg was the sexiest hotness in hotness in Pants. Simon Pegg actually wears the sh-t out of a pair of pants, as seen in the DVD extras for Hot Fuzz. He writes, he acts, he’s super smart, and he’s British…. Simon Pegg is MORE than enough. And finally, for all of you who hate Kirsten Dunst… Kiki rolls with Simon Pegg. If Kiki is cool enough for Simon Pegg, Kiki is definitely cool enough for me.

More on Hot Fuzz in a bit and also more Britney drama and exclusive dirty smut. Am online all day, check back often.

Yours in gossip,


PS. Lindsay Lohan’s latest box office bomb I Know Who Killed me brought in a paltry $3.4 million this weekend after getting absolutely destroyed by critics. But $3.4 million? Seriously…who paid???

PPS. Had other plans but was surprised to have devoured another book this weekend. Can now think nor dream of nothing else: The God of Animals by Aryn Kyle. Ignore the cover… the cover is so lame. But the writing, the writer…she is so young and it is her first novel – the kind of novel that burns you with its devastating honesty and makes a petty bitch like me jealous: jealous that it’s her debut and already, she is already so astonishingly assured. I’ll post a proper review in 2 weeks.

Hotness at Comic-Con

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Quite a year… seems like EVERYONE showed up. Too many names to name but the Hot factor was on full tilt. Let’s start with Clive, shall we? Clive promoting his new film Shoot ‘Em Shot – shot in Toronto. Take a good hard look at that shot of him biting his lip and don’t tell me your loins aren’t quivering. Full Story

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