Karma Hits Two Bitches

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As Dina Lohan would say… Justice!   And this is what happens when you attack the elderly with a laptop and destroy someone else’s property.  Denise Richards and Pamela Anderson sued by two photographers stemming from the Laptop Incident last fall, during which Denise charged up several flights of stairs and allegedly assaulted the two men before snatching their computers and pitching them over the ledge, striking a little old lady accompanied by another little old lady who managed to escape unscathed. Full Story

Friday, March 23, 2007 Dear Gossips, It’s not Mischa Barton. Think more talented. And it’s not Rumer Willis. While Rumer is famous on the coattails of her parents, Verge Girl is famous on the coattails or the jocktails of someone else. It’s Friday, live posts all day, check back often, and thanks for all your entries. Children of Men winners have been contacted, Joss Stone winners will be contacted today. Have a great weekend! Yours in gossip, Lainey

The Daily Miso: Bai Ling

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As in Miso Horny: illicit massage parlour worker whispers with a thick accent and uses magic hands fulfilling the chinagirl appetites of pervy rednecks with Asian fetishes. And don’t deny it – Bai Ling is exactly that description. Almost killed myself after watching her on Lost a few weeks ago playing – what else! – a mystical tattoo artist/fortune teller who loves to f&ck. Full Story

Diva Cheese

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First – the skulls on their own, as mentioned, earlier…all over it. The skulls and an odd looking fur?   Not so much. But that’s also not the point. The point is, I could never, ever, ever say the sh-t she says and not want to throw up while saying them. Same goes for almost anyone else. Full Story

Is she? Really?

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Demi and Ashton at the Tom Cruise gala last night. She didn’t look pregnant the other day and she certainly doesn’t look it today. No bump, no glow…though hey, I have no idea either way but if the speculation is entirely based on the fact that she wore an overcoat to an event 10 days ago, I’d say that’s pretty weak. Full Story

Jennifer Lopez: French skulls

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Source In France, working hard to promote her new Spanish album and maybe dressing a little too hard as well but I have to tell you – the skull dress and the big ass platforms? I like a lot. The dress could have been 5 inches shorter but still… I want one. Full Story

Jack & Rose Reunited

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Titanic was on tv the other day. I watched for a bit and even though I saw it twice 10 years ago, it was like seeing it again for the first time – I think I discarded every scene but the cheesy ones from memory. Anyway…they both looked SO young. And Titanic Leo was SUCH a Pipsqueak Leo. And his floppy hair was SO Tiger Beat Leo. Full Story

Fag & Hag go the show

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Last night at the premiere of Curtains, a new musical on Broadway – SJP and dapper dandy Matthew Broderick made an appearance displaying about as much chemistry and fondness as I do with my own Main ‘Mo Darren. Darren and I went for manicures the other day. Then we went for Greek food and complained about carbohydrates. Full Story

The GMD & Robobride answer back!

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On the heels of Janice Min’s gutsy cover, the GMD and his wife played dress up at a gala last night in his honour. As you would expect, Katie was perfectly manicured, Tom was all smiles and all adoring. Would it surprise you then if People Online runs a photo and a quote later on today about how “marvelously happy” they are together? And how “amazing and magnificent” it is for her to be a mother to Little Sci and Connor and Isabella? Am watching closely, stay tuned. Full Story

Thursday, March 22, 2007 Dear Gossips, Broken record, am sorry… but must. Feel like a tool every Wednesday night, or each Wednesday that Friday Night Lights is on. Because the show ends and I have to hug myself. Because it’s THAT good. Which is, like, the corniest cheeseball thing to say, not unlike any Celine Dion fan, but still I keep doing it and there’s a reason why every television critic and every screenwriter and everyone who’s ever bothered to watch an episode is looking their sh-t over the Friday Night Lights. So if you’re not watching and you STILL think it’s simply about Football or High School - you are dead wrong. In fact, the Chicago Tribune just called it revolutionary television. Revolutionary enough for NBC to spare it? There are positive signs…Hope lives. Thursday, real time blogging all day, check back often for fresh smut. Yours in gossip, Lainey

The Daily Gorgessity: Geri Halliwell

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She had a baby and she got YOUNGER. Check out Geri yesterday looking fresh and cute and soooo pretty and fit. As for the Spice Reunion? Apparently all the girls have agreed to one but have not decided when. It has to be a huge splash, it has to have a charitable component, and it has to be after they all have their babies and get skinny again…which likely means at the very, very, very least six months. Full Story