Pervy but Hot

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I paused it at some good parts. Immature…but he is just soooo perfect. For the truly obsessed… a three minute voyeur video of David Beckham at a photo shoot. Time well spent for me, perhaps a waste if he doesn’t give you quiver. But if he does, if he does give you quiver… click here Full Story

An Ebola Survivor

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There is hope. An unlikely survivor but a survivor nonetheless. Nick Carter – best known as a Backstreet Boy then as Hollywood Ebola"s boyfriend…which was when it all went to sh-t. He lost his cute, he was accused of beating that bitch down, there was a DUI, and there was bloat. Full Story

The New John Mayer

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Bitterly disappointing his fans when he hooked up with Jessica Simpson and literally pissed all over her, the man behind limp dick pseudo-sensitive songs like Wonderland and Daughters decided to tap the emptiest blonde in Hollywood, disillusioning supporters and supposedly taking a hit in ticket sales. Full Story

Her One Move

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Again with this tired ass play. Jennifer Aniston – a month ago she was dating that model Paul Sculfor. Then he was photographed leaving her house holding a bottle of water – same company she endorses. Two weeks after that – big headlines: they broke up. Now Us Weekly is calling her single, sad, and pathetic on the cover and all of a sudden, Jennifer and Paul are back on…according to OK Magazine. Full Story

Wintour loves Winona

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Me too! Anna Wintour certainly has her favourites and Winona Ryder has long been one of them. Also helps that Winona is also a favourite of Marc Jacobs which explains the dress on the cover and her devotion, even before he was “Marc Jacobs”, to his designs. After several tough years, it appears Nonie is one her way back. Full Story

Mrs Beckham joins the MiniVan Majority?

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Though she’s loved by gays and gossips, Posh knows the key to America is the MiniVan Majority. And still she can’t shed the stilettos. Love. Her. So here she is with the boys at soccer practise, cuddling with Cruz as Brooklyn imitates Dad, playing sideline mom along with all the other sideline moms and hoping for a feature on the cover of People Magazine. Full Story

Protecting his Property

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At dinner with my cousin Cat last night – two grown women well into our thirties and when the subject of David Beckham came up, still we had to squeal. And she’s not really the type. But on pure physical loin-pounding quiveration…seriously, who’s hotter than Becks? And what’s hotter than Becks protecting his property – also his wife’s privates – as she descended from their car the other night. Full Story

Fair is Fair

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The gay vote is unanimous. Every ‘mo I know loved Hairspray. And many, many girls too. So if you’re into musicals, be assured Hairspray is not the colossal bore that Dreamgirls was. Scientologists are invincible, non? Still, his success also means Michelle Pfeiffer’s triumphant comeback. Full Story

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Dear Gossips,

Was it Major??? F&ck the critics… I thought it was Major. And judging from your emails, you did too.

By the way – was that Marla Maples? More on the Posh special later.

Thanks for all your kind words and not so kind words re: the new site design. It is still a work in progress – will continue to keep you posted on improvements.

Most of your Freebie Five nominations have been added for your personal lists. Some of the bugs you’ve forwarded on have also been corrected.

You’ll note that in keeping up with Harry Potter week mine has been updated as well. Alan Rickman is a sexy beast. And Severus Snape is a sexy Slytherin – I still believe.

Am in and out of meetings today, will post on the fly.

Yours in gossip,


PS. All new posts will continue UNDER the Site Brief.

PPS. Will be on TSN’s Off the Record with Michael Landsberg today – check it out!

The Site Brief

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A few notes before you start drafting your complaint: Logging in: A few features are subscription-driven. Like the personalised Freebie Five. Per our Privacy Policy, we will NOT sell, trade, and/or distribute your information. The Freebie Five:Right now, it is database driven and slowly being compiled from anyone who has ever appeared on the site. Full Story

Gisele Insecure or Bridget’s Wishful Thinking?

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Trouble is apparently plaguing the world’s most beautiful couple – word is Gisele and Tom are rowing because Bridget Moynihan is scheduled to deliver Tom’s son on Friday which is also Gisele’s birthday. Even though his family is vacationing with the two of them, some say Gisele is becoming increasingly insecure and the tension is spilling over in public. Full Story