Thursday, April 12, 2007

Dear Gossips,

There was a moment last night, during the Friday Night Lights season finale, when Kyle Chandler was looking at his onscreen wife Connie Britton in the most intimate of scenes between two people, even more intimate than sex, and I think I actually believed for a second that no man has ever loved a woman the way this FICTIONAL man was loving this FICTIONAL woman.

It’s pathetic, I know. To get so Notebook’d about a tv show. To get so Notebook’d about anything, actually. But that is Friday Night Lights. Will say it til I’m blue in my Chinese face:

Friday Night Lights is without equal.

Thursday – blogging all day today, check back often for fresh posts.

Yours in gossip,

PS. The New Bitch is not Katie Couric, not Meredith Vieira. MUCH younger, entirely different industry.

They All Love Tom

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And I love them all! My Gwyneth, Kate Hudson, Liv Tyler, an adorably pregnant Naomi Watts, and of course Julianne Moore. Julianne Moore who does NOT have an Oscar and the equine Hilary Swank has two? WTF??? On a tangent for a sec: was having a discussion with a deliciously hunky homo called Nelson a few weeks back and we were lamenting Julianne’s Oscar-free bookcase, both of us agreeing that Charlize Theron’s Monster was nothing next to Julianne’s Far From Heaven because, as Nelson asserted, if you switch the two, if Julianne played Monster, she’d have been just as outstanding…but could Charlize have played a 50s housewife married to a ‘Mo? With such subtlety and precision? Hell. Full Story

Rumer’s Best Angle?

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On a boozy night with my eTalk producers last week, we all decided that we are OBSESSED with Rumer Willis. And we are determined to make her a star. Because she wants so badly to be one... which means she needs an eating disorder and a very inappropriate relationship followed by a trip to rehab. All very controllable developments under the careful guidance of a great publicist. Full Story

Chinese Chicken Posh vs Dina Lohan

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Hollywood Mother of the Year Dina Lohan reportedly spent the weekend in Miami guzzling champagne with abandon, spending over $750 on booze, and rolling with a crowd of 20—somethings from club to club. She says she was simply trying “sign” a new DJ. What…because she’s, like, Hollywood top Manager now? Bitch needs to get a life. Full Story

Posh in Black & White

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The Beckhams out for dinner earlier this week. Seriously, I would pay a LOT of money…I mean a LOT of money… for the privilege of observing her out for dinner. To watch her not eat. To watch her watch everyone else but not eat. For two hours of watching her not eating – would be the most fascinating experience, like, ever, don’t you think? Anyway, am all over this outfit. Full Story

You Scratch My Back…

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I’ll scratch yours. Courteney Cox has been Jennifer Aniston’s fan #1, her shoulder to weep on...for months and months her shoulder to weep on. And the first arrival at every pity party, and the “kindest” confidante in Malibu. Easy to be kind when your best friend is rich and famous though. Full Story

Ryan Gosling Fracture Premiere

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New movie alongside Sir Anthony Hopkins, just a tad more high profile than his usual low budget indie fare. Given the caliber of the 2 lead actors, Fracture looks promising. Will let you know, headed to screening in a few days. As you can see, Ryan brought his sister Mandy to the premiere. However, even on the heels of the Us Weekly story yesterday – that Ryan and Rachel McAdams will get engaged and married on the same day to thwart the media – the McGoslings have been in a five alarm panic, yet again, about him showing up without her last night. Full Story

James Blunt hurts angels

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Petra Nemcova at the Brick Awards on Tuesday. By all accounts, she’s the sweetest thing. Very humble, very kind, very undeserving of the James Blunt treatment. I mean you’d think someone who looks THAT ugly, who looks like spoiled milk with bad teeth…you’d think he would just be grateful, non? Non. Full Story

Daddy Leo?

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UK tabloids are reporting that Leonardo DiCaprio and his girlfriend Bar Rafaeli are expecting, citing “friends” of the couple as the source and the fact that she was wearing a loose top recently as the evidence. Needless to say, since one rumour begets another, speculation is now swirling around a summer wedding in Israel, especially since the two vacationed there last month and supposedly celebrated their engagement with her family. Full Story

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Dear Gossips,

As you can see, the Freebie Five has finally been revamped.  For starters, there’s now a definition…what is the Freebie Five? An answer to that and photos too, just the first in a series of upgrades that will be made to the site over the next couple of months including, yes, a blind riddle feature for subscribers.

More on the Freebie Five below, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that you are staying with through our growing pains.

Thank you, love you, owe you.

Wednesday – always the best day in gossip, am online all day, check back often for fresh smut.

Yours in gossip,


Wednesday means it’s Friday – the Friday Night Lights season finale tonight on the heels of NBC’s announcement that they’ve ordered 6 more scripts…which isn’t exactly a renewal but it’s hope. Bright hope! And if you’re still not watching… again… you are missing. The accolades keep pouring in – this from Maureen Ryan at the Chicago Tribune who has been an ardent supporter:

"I"ve seen the Wednesday finale of "Friday Night Lights" (it airs at 7 p.m., by the way) and all I can say is, if the show is not picked up for another season -- and I vociferously hope that it is -- the cast and crew of this show has created one of the most perfect seasons of television I"ve ever seen.”

One of the most perfect seasons of television – and she’s 100% right. The show is PERFECT. Season 1 ends tonight.

What Junior Gave Up

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As we all know, when Tori Spelling met KFed Jr, she was married and he was married. He was also adopting another child with his then wife. But then the Homewrecker fell in love with the Golddigger and you know the rest. But most of you have probably never laid eyes on Mary Jo Eustace. Have a look. Mary Jo is 49 years old. Full Story