Chicken Fried Recyle

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Things are heating up with Adnan – apparently they’re inseparable. And perhaps the owner of a new Mercedes? Britney took him car shopping over the weekend… wearing the same short lacy dress she wore during her wedding reception and showing off a surprisingly nice back. Her choice of attire of course left everyone debating its intended meaning, sparking rumours about her future with Adnan: will she do the unthinkable and marry him hastily and convert to  Islam  Full Story

Friday, January 11, 2008

Dear Gossips,

The Shelf Ass has re-emerged. And she’s kicking off 2008 looking like… sh*t. Seriously, seriously awful. More on that later.

Browsing through the new issue of Us Weekly last night, reading through the Britney Time Bomb article but the best part was – guess what the other paps call Adnan? They refer to him as:


Do you love it, or do you LOVE it?

Also today – see the Alba Bitch sneering at KatE.

Friday, blogging all day, don’t forget to refresh!

Yours in gossip,


PS. Happy 24th Birthday Jessica! I hear it’s your first away from home. Wishing you the loveliest Saturday and all the best.

For Blair

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Some of you have written to argue that too much praise has been lavished on Blake Lively’s Serena van der Woodsen and not enough has been bestowed upon Leighton Meester’s Blair Waldorf. This is true. You are right. I am sorry. Both are incredible. Unlike Brenda and Kelly from the 90210 days, when Brenda was CLEARLY way more interesting than Kelly, Blair and Serena, Leighton and Blake, are equally amazing in different ways. Full Story

Career Year Quiver

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It’s been a career year for Josh Brolin thanks to his scene stealing turn in No Country for Old Men. Josh has indeed made mention of it in recent interviews, describing his long, patient ride to recognition and how it feels to finally be known not for who his father is married to, or who he’s married to, but who he is on his own. Full Story

Jennifer Aniston in Vancouver

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She’s here! Last night Jen dined at Cioppino’s in Yaletown having dinner with a dark haired man – nothing romantical going on. Aniston is in town to shoot Travelling with Aaron Eckhart. She’ll be in town for a few weeks – be on the lookout. And if you see her, tell her she should start dating John Stamos! File photo from Wenn. Full Story

A Three Whiskered Atonement

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We believe in getting our fortunes told. When I was 19, on a lark, I had my palm read by a shady lady who was still studying the art. She sent chills down my spine when all she told me was: Do more charity work. Do more charity work. This usually means that the fates are conspiring against you, that you or your family members might die a young death or suffer unspeakable tragedy, and doing charity is a way to beg for mercy. Full Story

About the C Word

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Keira Knightley says in this issue of Entertainment Weekly that the C-word – referring to female genitalia – is “not as big of a deal (in England) as it is in America.” Totally agree. In North America it’s arguably the worst word ever. But if you’ve seen Atonement, you probably came away from the experience with a newfound sensual appreciation for “C” that never existed before. Full Story

Trainwreck at the Superbowl?

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This HAS to happen. It HAS to. TV Guide columnist, the brilliant Michael Ausiello, is reporting that Paula Abdul will perform at the Superbowl. And that it will be LIVE. Apparently Paula cut a new song with fellow judge Randy Jackson and has been rehearsing a new video. Even though it’s been years since Paula’s been anything but a judge on American Idol, even though on American Idol she can barely string together a sentence, even though she’s loopy as sh*t… Paula Abdul, in front of millions and millions of people, on US television’s biggest night, will take the stage. Full Story

Marc Loves Posh

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More ads from the new series of Marc Jacobs ads featuring Victoria Beckham – cheeky and fun and more reason for you to worship her. Again and again, she is endlessly entertaining. As for conceiving the idea behind the campaign, Marc said he was aware what the initial reaction would be, and decided to play that up:“People will think it"s an odd choice for me to have made, and people will think it"s odd for (Victoria) to do. Full Story

Shelf Ass Goes Blonde

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Not sweet. Not at all. Here’s Jessica Biel in London, reportedly starting work on a new film for which she appears to have gone blonde. As an ignorant Asian, I once enviously believed that all white people would look decent blonde. Clearly not the case. Jess better make sure her Shelf Ass is in tip top shape when Pippy comes to visit. Full Story

RoboBride & Alba Bitch

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Perhaps there is something to all those rumours that Posh and Katie’s BFF-ship has cooled. Because it appears the pupil is no longer the pupil and KatE has elevated her style game. First at the Critics’ Choice Awards, then the other night on the Mad Money Carpet, and yesterday at a party – my favourite KatE of the week – in a black dress beautifully fitted but look at those killer booties! Look at that heel! Even the hair is starting to grow on me… And this is why Katie is the GMD’s #1 asset – beyond real estate, beyond bonds and stocks, his wife is the crown jewel on his unsteady throne. Full Story