Supermodel Middle-aged

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Impossible to grow up in the 80s and 90s and not idolise the original supermodels – back when the models were the stars, when they were the only choices to grace Vogue and Elle instead of the Taupes and Anistons that do so today. We used to watch Fashion Television religiously and gush over Christy, Naomi, Tatiana, Cindy, and of course Leeenda. Full Story

Acceptable Bad Table Manners

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Never acceptable to be rude at table…unless you used to be a Vegas cocktail  girl and your date is George Clooney. In that case, turn your back to the other guests including Cindy Crawford and focus on him only. Which is exactly what Sarah Larsen is doing in this video. I’m warning you. Full Story

Becks Rivals Brad

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While Victoria and Cruz are in Paris for fashion week and an Elle Magazine cover shoot – high fashion photos in which she looks like a starving Martian – Becks is hanging back in LA with Brooklyn and Romeo, playing doting dad at school. Check out the maddening quiverating this weekend. Just a reminder that Brad Pitt isn’t the only father hotness, though these shots of him with the Chosen One will undoubtedly set your loins afire. Full Story

The Clooney Campaign

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He was on David Letterman last night, sexy as all hell in his black suit and so… Man. Just Man. Real Man. There is no boy or punk in George Clooney. Even my mother in law wants him. And this is not a frivolous woman. Check out George last night out for dinner with his piece and the Gerbers. George has been lighting up NYC while in town shooting Burn After Reading and he’s also been playing the press rounds for Michael Clayton – now generating so much positive critical buzz that Clooney has kicked it up a notch, charming journalist after journalist during interviews and supposedly even agreeing to push back the release date for Leatherheads. Full Story

Punk Ass Pretty Loves Presents

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Her attitude is for sh-t, her music sucks, her lyrics suck even harder, she’s emotionally stunted, has the maturity of a nine year old…but Avril really is so pretty, non? Here she is Germany and Russia a few days ago promoting her new album and again back in LA with her husband. Look at that nose. Full Story

Pip’n’Ass Eat Cheese

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Just a week after Cameron Diaz and her new beau Bradley Cooper make an appearance on the sidelines in NY during a Giants game, Pip and his Shelf Ass do the same in Green Bay. Coincidence or conspiracy??? Here they are – Justin and Jessica at the weekend, taking a break from his work on The Love Guru in Toronto, making the trip to Wisconsin to catch some gridiron action on a not particularly exciting Sunday. Full Story

The Golden Age Giveaway!

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If you love Cate Blanchett as I love Cate Blanchett you will love The Golden Age. It’s the way she speaks, it’s the way only she can deliver a performance so authentically regal, it’s the costuming, it’s Clive sodding Owen standing there dripping in hotness tempting her to give up her virginity…again. Full Story

Quiverating AND Kind

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It’s easy to feel 16 again when it comes to Colin Farrell. First, as you know, he’s currently #1 on the Freebie Five…click here for a refresher. Then there was that bit with the homeless man in Toronto – generously taking him shopping and then setting him up in an apartment. Full Story

Blind to the Signs

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Tom Cruise has been shooting a WWII biopic in Germany for months and production has been plagued with setback after setback. First the Germans couldn’t stand his fraud ass, then there were difficulties securing permits to film at historic locations, and now it turns out several night scenes will have to re-shot as the reels were apparently damaged beyond repair after being treated with the wrong chemicals. Full Story

Clean, Sober, Hungry

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Hungry for attention and desperately afraid we stopped caring, Lindsay Lohan has accepted OK!’s generous offer for her exclusive post-rehab first interview and of course is saying all the right things. She also happily posed for photos. Not surprisingly, her father did too. Still, in spite of the incorrigible famewhoring, there is cause for optimism. Full Story

Monday, October 8, 2007

Dear Gossips,

Britney has apparently reconciled with her mother. Is there hope?

I hope there is hope. Since my nostalgic posting the other day about Britney’s past performances, with a link to her classic Superbowl half time appearance alongside JT and Aerosmith, many of you have sent me more. More trips down memory lane. More reminders of what may be easy to forget in light of the chicken fried loser she’s become.

But Britney was indeed a world class performer, the kind of performer who could fill massive arenas and whip a crowd into a frenzy with crazy quick choreography and super sexy gyrations and while the VMA occasion that comes to mind quickest is her 2001 jungle snake Slave 4 U writhe-fest, I personally prefer the year before. Do you remember Satisfaction/Oops I Did It Again? The nude bodysuit underneath the tuxedo? Sigh. Britney’s old body was all time.

And now that Lynne’s back… perhaps she’ll at least be willing to SEE her kids? Word is Britney bailed on a scheduled supervised visit with a court-mandated parenting coach, resolutely refusing to answer the door, leaving her babies sitting in a car outside her mansion for 40 minutes as the bodyguards buzzed the gate for entry. Multiple outlets are confirming that this went down, including TMZ…but here’s the thing: Britney’s house is guarded 24/7 by the paps. And still there are no photos from the incident. Is that weird to you? Or is it just me? Must just be me.

Monday – Canadian Thanksgiving. Light posting today. Full time returns tomorrow.

Yours in gossip,