The Daily Adorable: Little Sci

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Growing up fast and growing up SUPER CUTE! Check out Little Sci yesterday, in the arms of her mother, attended by her grandmother, and already perfecting the glazed-eye look ubiquitous in all women at Church. RoboBaby? Chill. I’m not raggin’ on Suri. Because Suri is delightful. Chubby and delightful and fathered by the GMD. Full Story

Thursday, February 22, 2007 Dear Gossips, Good news and bad news. Bad news first: today is a travel day meaning intermittent posts, whenever I can jump online at the airport. The good news: I’m traveling to the only place WORTH traveling to this weekend in the world of smut. And what’s this weekend? Of course it’s the Oscars! Am headed for LA! As the only Canadian Oscar broadcaster, CTV has the privilege of holding down TWO positions during Oscar arrivals on Sunday. The host of eTalk, Ben Mulroney, will be interviewing celebrities down on the redcarpet and I will be joining Tanya Kim on the balcony just above the carpet, on the walkway where the stars ascend to get into the Kodak Theatre. Starting at 6:30pm ET, 3:30pm PT on Oscar Sunday, one hour of live tv fashion commentary and instant smutty observations, also available on CTV Broadband. I promise you gossips…if the GMD so much as glances at the ass of a hot young male intern, you will hear about it! And you will also hear about what’s happening in the Press Room during the telecast. As you know, presenters and winners hit the press room when they come off stage – who trips, who picks her ass, who was humble, who was gracious, who needed a drink, who looked alarmingly thin up close, who was making goo goo eyes at someone other than his wife…no smutty detail will go unnoticed and every smutty detail will be chronicled in my Backstage Blog posted on I will also be blogging on THIS site all weekend from LA. Check back often for fresh posts. Also check back after the Oscars for the Style Review and the Smut that can’t be printed anywhere else! My thanks to Kiss & Makeup for the weekend accessories and to Christina Darling for my weekend wardrobe. And endless appreciation and gratitude to ALL OF YOU for supporting and for making opportunities like this possible! Thank you, love you, owe you. Yours in gossip, Lainey PS. Did I mention Gwyneth is presenting at the Oscars? Just asking… PPS. I’m at the Roosevelt so if you’re in the area, stop by and say hi. Incidentally, the Roosevelt is also the home of Teddy’s, where Lilo is every other night. Will keep my eyes peeled for pinnage…promise. PPPS. Many, many thanks for all your emails recently. Because of Oscar prep, I"ve been terrible at writing back. I do read every message - will try to reply as soon as I come home! x Lainey

Harry More Hairy than Orly

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At least 10 whiskers more than Three Whiskers non? So the Boy Who Lives is more manly man than Orly? At only 17… I think so. Although I have to tell you I’m really not feelin’ what many of you are – a desire to Cougar Rape young Daniel Radcliffe after seeing him bare bare bare in Equus, a new stage production in London. Full Story

Kate & Owen Open Up

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Handholding in public – the first sign of affection and physical confirmation that they are indeed a couple. Call me Cruise but these two together? Hotness. And he looks great in pants. See what I mean? Little perky bum, lanky legs – I’m telling you, Jake Gyllenhaal needs to cool it with the beefcake. Full Story

Britney boils over

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As reported earlier, Britney headed over to Kevin"s last night, pounding on the door without answer, and apparently took out her frustration on the pappies. Not exactly the most profound of observations but as you can see the girl is clearly unhinged. Shortly afterwards however, Lynne Spears supposedly took her back to Promises where she will remain, Goddess willing, until she can get beyond what can only be described as a serious meltdown brought on by depression, rebellion, and addiction. Full Story

KFed: It worked

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He motioned to take the babies away from her, it scared her enough to go back to rehab. NEVER thought I"d say this but... Well played KFed, well played. And admirably enough, he has cancelled his family court appearance today, lending more credence to speculation as mentioned earlier that he and Lynne were working together on this, believing it would scare her straight. Full Story

KFed Makes his Move

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As expected, and in light of Britney’s public collapse, Kevin Federline is going for his children after seeking and being granted an emergency hearing in family court this morning. And you know, if he gets the boys, he also gets the financial support that goes along with it. Having said that, in all fairness, it has also been reported that Kevin has been extremely committed to his sons since Britney started unraveling hardcore and that he and Lynne Spears are actually working together to care for the babies. Full Story

Wednesday, February 21, 2007 Dear gossips, By now I’m sure you’ve seen the photos of Britney in rehab, hopefully the first step to a killer comeback. However, as you can imagine, details about her state of mind leading up to treatment are flying in from all smutty corners. More on that below… As for Jessica Biel presenting at the Oscars and going ass to ass against Jennifer Lopez – apparently working out like a demon pays off in many ways. Invited to the big show by virtue of an unbelievably well toned derriere, I suppose that’s all it takes these days. Wednesday, real time blogging all day, check back often for fresh posts. Yours in gossip, Lainey

Britney on the run

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At the very, very least, she"s apparently with a cousin - Allie Sims - who drove her to the meeting with the lawyer this afternoon. Allie was seen sobbing in the driver"s seat while Britney talked on a cell phone. Britney"s expression was described as "blank" and unemotional. According to Us Weekly, she"s now at the Hotel Bel Air and while it"s not clear how she"s paying for her room, many assume that her family is giving her enough through Allie so that she can survive - for food, for board, but for nothing else. Full Story

Britney gets Lawyer...why?

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She left rehab, she met with a lawyer called Blair Berk who has repped Mel Gibson and Reese Witherspoon in the past. Mel for his blubbering drunken tirade, Reese for pappy intrusion. Not known why Britney went in for the meeting though it"s not likely to do with her divorce. Some speculation that it could be around getting her family to release her assets - as mentioned earlier, word is Lynne and her advisers (not the druggie ones) have cut her off. Full Story