She’s Someone You Know

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Shameless self promotion for a good cause… click away if you don’t care. Mendocino is celebrating its 20th anniversary and to commemorate the occasion the retailer has launched a limited edition t-shirt series in stores now featuring 10 Canadian female personalities photographed by celebrity photographer Dustin Rabin to support The Jocelyn Foundation, created in memory of Canadian Jocelyn Juriansz, raising awareness and promoting constructive and open dialogue concerning violence against women through education, support and fundraising initiatives. Full Story

Beyonce and Meagan Good

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At the GQ bash two nights ago - B darkened her hair. I love it. I think she looks great. I also thought at first that it was Meagan Good (attached) who is the total hotness…have you seen Stomp the Yard? I watched it twice back to back, then I kept the dvd and refused to return it to Blockbuster – that’s how much I love Stomp the Yard. Full Story

Buttercup Forever

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Wow. Robin Wright Penn the other night at the premiere of Into the Wild – she looks unbelievable, non? That body, those legs – love, love, love. Am surprised their relationship has made it this far, this long. There have long been reports of volatile behaviour and there was some suggestion of straying on her part a few years ago…never substantiated. Full Story

Good Luck Old Lady Alba

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She might be a demon bitch but Jessica Alba is also undeniably beautiful. Which is why it’s so tragic that she insists on dressing like Barbara Walters. Apparently she wants to be taken seriously. If that’s the case, maybe a movie like Good Luck Chuck isn’t the best of career decisions…I’m just saying. Full Story

Coffee in a Suit

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My cousin Cat hates when I post hot picks of Becks. She finds it difficult to concentrate, she emails me to complain that she gets distracted, she has to ban herself from my site until after work hours, but even then she can’t help herself. And can you blame her? Here’s David Beckham the other day picking up an iced coffee in a beautifully tailored suit. Full Story

In the Absence of a Job…

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Or any semblance of a career, Denise Richards’s only two moves are A. to call up the paps whenever a moment with her girls comes up and B. to continue to portray herself the victim against Charlie Sheen. Hungry for sympathy, starving for attention, Denise is at it again. This time it’s a repeat of the same allegations she levelled against Charlie when they initially separated – something about him demonstrating deviant behaviour – accusations he vehemently denied but that were mysteriously leaked to the media and never substantiated. Full Story

Trent Walker Gone Forever?

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I remember when the triangle scandal first rocked Hollywood. And then when Jennifer Aniston hooked up with Vince Vaughn, emails would arrive en masse from indignant readers: Vince Vaughn’s sense of humour trumps Brad Pitt’s pretty boy! It was the Team Aniston battle cry. Fair enough. Call me Cruise, call me shallow, I totally own those labels but Vince Vaughn could amuse the Chinese out of me and I still don’t think I could bring myself to be attracted to this. Full Story

One Ass, One Dog

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Here’s Shelf Ass walking her dog outside the Staples Centre the other day while Pip was presumably inside pre-performance. Like she"d ever miss a moment of his show, being his biggest fan, surely she wouldn’t stand to be deprived of even a minute of staring at him adoringly, thankful and appreciative …after all, he pretty much gave her her career. Full Story

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Dear Gossips,

Hated the books, but love, love, love Gossip Girl in prime time. Did you watch? When S and B had that stare-down on the steps outside their all girls super exclusive Manhattan I nearly lost my sh-t. And while I have never wasted 5 minutes on America’s Next Top Model… Eh.Ver… I would and will gladly destroy brain cells once a week watching New York rich kid socialites stab each other in the back.

I’m telling you, if the pilot last night was any indication, Gossip Girl puts The OC to shame.

Spoke too soon… Britney actually emerged yesterday after getting bitch slapped by the courts and ordered to undergo drug testing twice a week. So of course she went clubbing! Chicken Fried Stupid forever and a nasty ass weave too.

Am finally home in Vancouver. Live blogging all day. Check back often.

Yours in gossip,


PS. For Dan (from his friends) who is freaking out over turning 35 – 35 is nothing!!! Look at George, look at Brad – much older than Pip and Three Whiskers, and much, much, much more man than those piddly little babies in their 20s.Happy Birthday!

The Clooney Clone in NYC

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He must like her…a lot. Here’s George and his latest plaything last night at the Jesse James premiere. I remember he was toting around a blonde one in Cannes but kept her well hidden. This one however has earned not one but two very public outings … and counting…and several very pretty new dresses too. Full Story

Pitt Porn & Giggles

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Can"t get enough of Pitt Porn!!! And Pitt Porn was apparently on full display at a party for Jesse James in NYC last night. According to Us Weekly, which only weeks ago accused Angelina of living a “twisted double life”, the Pitts mingled separately until just after midnight, at which point the two reunited with him rubbing and tickling her back before pulling her in for a hot kiss. Full Story