Bale as Bob

Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 20, 2007 07:32:00 August 20, 2007 07:32:00

Everyone is waiting for I’m Not There, the Bob Dylan biopic directed by Todd Haynes (Far From Heaven) with several high profile actors “interpreting” the legend at various points of his life. The film is so highly anticipated because it is the first project of its kind to have Dylan’s blessing and promises to reveal information never before made public about his personal and professional trials and tribulations. Full Story

Julia Roberts: Family Vacay minus One?

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Have just heard that Julia Roberts arrived at Big Island on Friday, staying at the Four Seasons. All three children are with her plus nanny and a small female entourage and no bodyguards. Word is she’s super low key, doesn’t walk around totally coiffed or made up, does not run from the public, aging gracefully, not fighting her 40s, and not a total stick insect 5 minutes after birthing her third. Full Story

Pip’s roving eye

Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 20, 2007 06:26:28 August 20, 2007 06:26:28

Jessica Biel’s publicist can’t be happy about this one. Last week in NYC Justin Timberlake was apparently all over a brunette at the Tribeca Grand. Said a source: "It was just the two of them . . . he had no entourage at all. He is notorious. He will f*ck anything." And word is, a few years ago in Whistler, he actually did f&ck everything. Full Story

Celebrity Apprentice full of Twats?

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Not that you can believe anything out of Trump’s mouth but whatever…if true, I would totally, totally watch. So The Apprentice is on life support, only renewed because of the celebrity angle. Donald Trump says she’s already lined up some super A List and B List stars including “Jim Cramer, Carmen Electra, Joan Rivers, Naomi Judd, George Foreman, original Apprentice villain Amorosa, Kimora Lee Simmons, Pete Rose, Dana Patrick, Tony Hawk and Jeff Gordon. Full Story

Marley, Jen & Owen

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Have you read Marley & Me? It’s a book that should come with a warning. Seriously… don’t read it in public. And truth be told, don’t read it if you have a pet. I wish I hadn’t. But one afternoon last year, arriving early to meet my husband for dinner, I stopped in at Chapters for a quick browse and a big mistake. Full Story

Family Pitt: Weekend at Sea

Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 20, 2007 03:59:43 August 20, 2007 03:59:43

Brad and Angelina in Chicago on Saturday taking their four children out to sea for some family fun at the Water & Air festival. Miss Zahara kills me. And Maddox too. Check him out excitedly tugging on his mother’s purse handle. And before the MiniVan Majority gets their tits all twisted up in knots, Angelina did indeed spend time with the Chosen One, holding her little hands as she took a few tentative steps towards Daddy which the tabloids will likely interpret next week as a frantic “save me” escape dash for the safety of her father’s arms from the dangerous blob-hating ones of her mother. Full Story

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Britney Unweaving

Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 20, 2007 03:55:21 August 20, 2007 03:55:21

It’s not styled and she’s clearly no Natalie Portman but still better than the ghetto weave, non? With a little makeup and some product in fact, she might not look half bad. Shame she’s too trailer to give it a chance. Hair however is the least of Britney’s problems. As you can see, she’s still hanging out with Criss Angel who insists they’re not romantically involved despite two late night hotel visits under the guise of collaboration for the VMAs in 3 weeks. Full Story

Friday, August 17, 2007

Dear Gossips,

Britney’s camp, or what’s left of it, is leaking that she actually will take the stage at the VMAs in September which was the reason for that little midnight tryst with Criss Angel in Vegas– apparently they were working in a hotel room on choreography for a joint performance to kick off her comeback. Snort.

She has three weeks to prep. She is notoriously lazy. If she does show up she’ll have to face Justin Timberlake. Which means she’ll have to straighten her sh-t out or suffer a colossal meltdown in front of a live audience and lipsynch her way to ultimate career-ending humiliation and embarrassment.

I kinda love it. Is that wrong?

It’s Friday! Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,


PS. To Krysia and the 71 Syndrome. Your 36th birthday is tomorrow and while your BFF Cindy could not get you Oprah tickets and return the favour, she thought a smutty shout out would have to do. Happy Birthday!

Campaign Maternity

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Hiding behind a pillow for weeks, then came the interview with Diane Sawyer, now every day Nicole Richie is hounded by paps and showing off the most adorable pregnancy wardrobe. Beautifully played, don’t you think? With Nicole, it goes down easier, non? Between Nicole and Paris, I’d say Nicole’s sales pitch is so much more effective, non? Again, as I mentioned the other day, she’s toying with the idea of a maternity line. Full Story

Where Owen Failed…

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Just weeks after their romance became public, Kate Hudson and Dax Shepard are doing nothing to hide what appears to be the quick pace of their relationship. A family holiday in Muskoka a couple of weeks ago, during which I hear Dax got on famously with Goldie and Kurt, and now joining her in Boston where she’s shooting a new movie, comfortably hanging with her boy Ryder – none of which Owen Wilson seemed capable of doing. Full Story

Carb Face is a whiny bitch

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Ryan Phillippe is an all star. Let’s not forget his legendary philandering in cities across North America - at one point in Vancouver he was bedding three waitresses from the Cactus Club in Yaletown at the same time. With cheesy poetry via text message, Ryan scored dimwit after dimwit without consequence until his libido got the best of him and he hooked up with actress Abbie Cornish on the set of their movie. Full Story