Good News for Naomi?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 5, 2007 12:00:00 February 5, 2007 12:00:00

Usually loathe to jump into any pregnancy speculation at the drop of a hat but this one smells right. And it smells good. Naomi at an event on Friday wearing a very loose fitting dress and poppin’ up an impressive abundance of cleavage – from a girl who is normally modestly endowed and really doesn’t do the fake push-up and spill-over trick frequently used by her b-cup peers. Full Story

Friday, February 2, 2007 Dear Gossips, Late start today, sorry. Standing on top of that glacier on Tuesday has brought on a killer cold. And I’m trying to keep up with all The Departed entries – the most popular giveaway so far and there are still 3 days to go. In case you missed it, scroll down for details. Friday – real time blogging, check back often for new posts, and have a great weekend! Yours in gossip, Lainey PS. The Bears. Go Bears.

Ryan & Alanis: NOW it’s over

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They were cute and cuddly at Cupcakes in Vancouver on Christmas Eve but Ryan and Alanis announced today that they are through. An official statement confirming they’ve ended their engagement – over 6 months after they were rumoured to have done but not really because – as I first broke the news last summer – they were frolicking with their dogs at English Bay shortly thereafter. Full Story

Katie Holmes: calling creativity

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Girl needs a new speechwriter. I mean, I understand the need to grease the MiniVan Majority, to craft a perfect perfect illusion and a picture perfect existence, but creativity still counts for something and in the creativity department, the Cruise strategy is for sh-t. I mean if she’s going to say the same thing over and over again, at least make it fresh…you know what I mean? Harper’s Bazaar interview, canned answers below and my suggested changes: On Loving Tom: I have a husband and children that I adore. Full Story

Tori Spelling: what’s worse than Pity?

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Ask Jennifer Aniston. Because there is NOTHING worse than being pitied. To have people feel sorry for you, to have people look upon you as charity, to be stripped of dignity – nothing makes you feel smaller…and oh clever Karma, this is what has happened to Tori Spelling! Hee! Desperate to sell off every aspect of their lives, desperate to pimp out every piece of their privacy, Tori and KFed Jr reportedly accepted Tupperware’s offer to host the baby shower. Full Story

Sienna: Working for Weinstein taking its toll?

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Look cute, love the booties, but rather tired non? And she lost her cool with a pappy the other, after almost a week of her best behaviour, determined to turn around the flood of negative publicity surrounding her and her movie. In fact, I hear that Sienna wants to be a new Sienna. Kinder, gentler, more considerate…note the active verb here is “Want”. Full Story

The Daily Shameful Quiveration: Bruce Willis

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Is it wrong of me? Maybe it’s the cold. But he looks kinda sexy if you ask me. Waaaaaaaaay sexier than the GMD. And making it out with Drew Barrymore – hot, non? No? Here’s Bruce leaving Koi, currently shooting Live Free or Die Hard and let’s hope it’s the last. One and two were fantastic. Three licked balls. Full Story

The Daily Gorgessity: Charlize Theron

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Well now this just isn’t fair. Can’t stand her but also can’t help but worship her. Because when she wants to go glam (aside from the orange anomaly at the Oscars a few year ago…oh and maybe that hideous shoulder explosion), Charlize Theron goes glam perfect. Actually…let me qualify that. Charlize goes glam perfect when Charlize goes dark and edgy over the cookie cutter blonde statuesque she was rockin’ during her Monster campaign and even the season after. Full Story

Kiki & Fab: All the Signs

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Amazing how some things will always be so high school. My Kiki and Fab the other night – an innocuous enough photo of them taken outside a restaurant that, at first glance, offers little insight in their relationship but upon further inspection…it’s really just 16 all over again. Her shoulders perpetually hunched, as if to say – I’m chill, whatever, I’m not a bimbo who throws her body around, I’m into you but I don’t want you to see how into you I am but I want you to be into me because I’m so chill and whatever but if you’re not, hey that’s ok too because I’m chill…whatever. Full Story

Thursday, February 1, 2007 Dear Gossips, Please tell me you’re watching Friday Night Lights – broken record, I know, but even when it’s not at its best, it’s still better than the rest. Last night’s episode - not my favourite - but there’s a scene taken beside a locker in high school, when a girl finds out her boy gets caught up in popularity and peer pressure and lies to her – the way it unfolded, the look on her face, the way she walked away … I felt like I was 16 all over again. Pathetic, yes. But seriously, the show is that good. Oh and the eye candy? Quiver, quiver, quiver. Also – never underestimate the low classy depth of Dina Lohan. More on that later. Thursday, blogging all day, scroll down for late posts from yesterday. Yours in gossip, Lainey PS. If you’re in Vancouver – I’m channeling Ryan Seacrest at Canadian Media Idol today at Metrotown. See you there! PPS. Jennifer Lopez is not the Text Harasser. JLo is still looking for one last piece for completion while TH has had hers already, though La Lopez might want to follow that example if she hasn’t yet considered it. Also not Demi Moore. Demi’s sexual re-awakening came with Ashton while TH is just beginning hers with her own young Kelso … and curiously the age gap is almost exactly the same.