The Power of the GMD

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It is a dark day. The Daily Mail is reporting that Andrew Morton’s Tom Cruise exposé will not be published in the UK because it’s too… boring! What??? Boring??? He went underground for two years writing this book. I heard he had to cut off cell phone access, land line access, preferring to haul ass to pay phones instead to make his calls. Full Story

Redux Rebound

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Heath Ledger had a torrid love affair with Heather Graham a few years ago before dating Naomi Watts. Now that he’s single again, apparently he’s looking to Heather for a booty call. Page Six Full Story

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Dear Gossips,

Well there’s an hour of my life I’ll never get back.

Watched Dancing with the Stars last night to lust over Mel B’s dance partner (underwhelming) and get freaked out by Marie Osmond (absolutely frightening). Take a look yourself at the photo attached. She was inelegant, she was classless, she was disrespectful, even People Magazine today wrote that Marie “does not know how to graciously accept criticism, no matter how completely on the money it was” and still the MiniVan Majority will likely keep her around tonight. Because as she put it herself: I really didn’t do it for (the judges). I did it for all the people who have been voting for us, and I have a massive doll base (???) and that’s who I did it for. I could’ve come out and done something slinky and sexy, but it’s a family show. I know my audience, so it was really a thank you to them. I think it shows how far I’ve come over the 10 weeks. I’m almost 50 years old! Give me a break! There’s no way I could’ve done that 10 weeks ago!

And in the face of Mel B showing off her taut abs just a few short months after giving birth, you know the MiniVan Majority ate up Marie’s obsequious appeals.

Was it like this all season long???

Please please please let the Writer’s Strike be resolved soon.

Tuesday, live blogging all day, refresh refresh refresh!

Yours in gossip,


PS. To Darcel – Happy 23rd Birthday!

PPS. Ashley Olsen is not All Ages & Jonesing. And Jennifer Garner is not Cheap & Crafty.


Man Makeover?

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Lisa Kudrow and Zach Braff today announcing the nominations for the Independent Spirit Awards. NB – Angelina Jolie received a nod solidifying her as one of the early frontrunners for Oscar which means the Pitts will certainly be stepping up their campaign leading into award season. More Pitt Porn – yay! But back to Zach… is it just me or is there some serious coiffing and make upping going on here? The skin, some definition around the eyes, and the lips too… all of a sudden, he’s much prettier now, non? Zach Braff has gone Hollywood and ironically at the Spirit Awards. Full Story

The Return of Flopsy

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Hugh Grant made an appearance today at the London premiere of The Golden Compass looking cuter than he has in a long, long time. And actually seeming to be in good spirits. Flopsy must be getting laid. Dude is probably hitting up a few sorority houses. Well done. Hugh of course is a crusty pig but he has always looked dashing in a suit. Full Story

MiniVan Fraud!

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Another MiniVan Fraud: The GMD Marriage, Jennifer Aniston’s squeaky clean demeanour and secret happy habits, and now Marie Osmond who has botched her way onto the dance floor and will likely ride her satanic dolls all the way to the crown allegedly faked her fainting spell a few weeks ago? I don’t watch but there was something about her passing out during her routine. Full Story

Golden Compass Girl Crush

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It’s been too long without Eva Green. But Eva is back. The girl who cannot resist an occasion, who doesn’t know the meaning of toning sh*t down, pictured here at the Golden Compass premiere tonight in London. Actually, by Eva’s standards, this is rather subdued. She’s bedazzling all over but there are no feathers sticking out her head or geometric shapes coming out of her body. Full Story


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There are a few…but still. Granny Freeze on the cover of Radar unable to move her face. Do you love it, or do you LOVE it? Source Splash  Full Story

Little Girl Granny Freeze

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Sweet Rossum, Nicole Kidman is becoming unbearable. At the premiere in London tonight of The Golden Compass. The good news – she looks better than she did in that leopard coat this morning. The bad news, she still looks old and she still looks granny and she will always look frozen. Worse yet, as my producer Laura just wrote, she also just walked out of 1992. Full Story

Paris Paradis

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Vanessa Paradis on the Champs Elysee yesterday at the official Christmas lighting ceremony. Sigh. What it would be to spend Christmas in Paris. Rumour has it, Vanessa’s Johnny has just purchased for her a vineyard as a congratulations present for all the hard work she’s put into promoting her new album. Full Story