Kate’s True Love

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How in love do you have to be? Big scoop by the London Sun today – a video of Pete Doherty taken shortly after celebrating their Buddhist wedding in Thailand, he apparently left Kate at the resort, hooked up with three complete strangers, went back to their dinky hotel room and proceeded to shoot cocaine … reportedly 3 times in the space of less than 3 hours, sometimes nodding off mid injection. Full Story

Tara Reid: Redefining 31

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Born November 1975. And remember…she’s HAD surgery. She’s BEEN to the surgeon’s. She’s had work done and she’s had work to correct the original work being done. And still Tara Reid looks like this. At 31!!! No exaggeration, my mother doesn’t even look this bad or this haggard and she’s going on 57 after multiple surgeries, two failed kidneys, several infections, and a transplant. Full Story

Making Over Paris Hilton

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Unlike the endless train of screw-up stars seeking “treatment” for a quick PR fix, Paris Hilton will not be heading to “Rehab”. She is however moving legally to shut down ParisExposed.com, claiming a violation of privacy and – most importantly – a threat to her personal safety, suggesting that the website opens up the possibility of fraud and stalking. Full Story

The Daily Improved: Sienna Miller

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Not that a pair of knickers isn’t hard to beat but still, in the interest of objectivity, have to admit that Sienna pulled off a lovely comeback last night at yet another event to promote the critical bomb that is Factory Girl. The dress is fantastic. And it looks fantastic on her. The hair, on the other hand? Well…I can’t say I’m down with the hair. Full Story

Tuesday, January 30, 2007 Dear Gossips, Will be freezing my balls off on a glacier in Whistler this morning – shooting a segment for eTalk. New posts when I get back. In the meantime, exercise your pity bone and throw it at Sienna Miller. What to do when your movie sucks unanimous ass? Well, if you’re Sienna, you dress like a spectacle at the premiere and cling to Diddy for dear life. And remember, this is a girl who keeps repeating that she wants to be known as an actor rather than the tabloid leading lady once engaged to Jude Law – and prancing around in a leotard in New York City is the best way to accomplish that, right? Bitch…please. Kinda puts my Burger King sighting into perspective, non? More on Sienna below… Check later for new articles, scroll down and click on “View More Articles”, keep on scrolling, keep on clicking – there were 30 posts yesterday, I have a feeling some of you may have missed a few including John Mayer’s Michael Jackson transformation. Yours in gossip, Lainey

The Daily Desperate: Sienna Miller

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Those reports about her hooking up with Diddy and the pappy video that “caught” him heading up to her place after a late night of partying? Call me Cruise, and I’m not exactly in the habit of defending Sienna Miller, but…um…if you watch the clip, there are actually 2 other people with them. Don’t know about you but my smutty sense isn’t tingling on this one. Full Story

My Gwyneth hates Dina too!

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I love it when my two girls get along. And I love that my Lilo love has been validated by my one true love. Gwyneth Paltrow believes in Lindsay Lohan and in her patented Paltrow way – condescending, snide, judgmental – Gwyneth is also saying that Lindsay best to do without her mother if she really wants to make a comeback. Full Story

Text Harassment?

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Happily married comes in all shapes and sizes. By conventional definition, both spouses are faithful, both spouses expect fidelity, and when all goes to plan, both spouses adhere to the gameplan…happily ever after. There are however some couples who can make it work by a different playbook – typically called an Open Marriage when one or the other or both can explore outside the marital bed boundaries but remain committed spiritually, emotionally, and most importantly…financially. Full Story

Monday, January 29, 2007 Dear Gossips, Those dumbass rumours that George Clooney would actually stoop to taking out Pamela Anderson? Exactly that – DUMB. ASS. Sorry for the smug but there’s a reason why you didn’t read about it here last week… I mean seriously, even IF you believe the gay gossip (which I don’t), even IF he needed a new beard (which he doesn’t), even IF he temporarily lost his class (which he hasn’t), are you telling me George Clooney wouldn’t have had a better option than Pam Anderson? She’s old, she’s rough, and she’s been overused. And did I mention old? Please. Caution as you traverse the smutty terrain, savvy? But still, in spite of it all, there was one positive that came out of an otherwise ludicrous report and that was his swift and steady and SPECIFIC denial. George Clooney - who is linked with a different flooze every week, who was linked repeatedly and erroneously with Renee Zellweger several times last year and still didn’t bother correcting it, who has openly admitted to encouraging false rumours about his love life, who never makes it a habit of officially debunking his tabloid dating diary – George Clooney was so worried that we would actually believe he’d soil himself with Pamela Anderson he issued a dismissal of the claims faster than you can say rock skank shares needles. And not only did he refute the reports, he went so far as to say he hadn’t seen her in seven long years - the PR version of a f*ckin’ quarantine… Hee. Weekend gossip, SAG report, Gisele and Tom Brady’s genetic perfection and more… Monday – live blogging, check back often for new posts. Yours in gossip, Lainey PS. My friend Justine just sent me this link – not exactly gossip related but holy frickin’ hell! I have NEVER seen someone lose their sh-t in such spectacular fashion. Click here to watch - I promise you, it’ll make your hideous Monday morning suddenly seem a whole lot better.

The Daily Quiveration: Johnny on Stage

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Johnny Depp reunited with his band The Kids in Florida for a memorial performance at the weekend – select photos attached. As you can see, Johnny removes his shirt at one point, exposing those famous tattoos while rockin’ out on guitar/bass/whatever instrument of choice. Sigh. 43 years old and he still looks edgy and cool and sexy but not cheesy, not a loser trying to hang on to the last vestiges of youth, not a limp lad with three whiskers trying to act a man. Full Story