The Other Josh & Diane

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It was a packed house in the Best Supporting Actor category this year and Josh Brolin was the odd man out. But nomination or not, 2007 was a banner career year, as Josh turned in American Gangster and, of course, No Country For Old Men. Unfortunately he happened to be acting opposite Javier Bardem who just might rank in the list of top villains for a long, long time. Full Story

The New Justin & Britney?

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Love it. Rihanna and Chris Brown, trying to date undercover, but not really, seen here leaving Barney’s separately and then getting into the same SUV. Cute, non? Kinda like Britney and JT for a new generation. She’s the good girl gone bad. She’s the one with a different boyfriend every month. Full Story

The Nominee at Nobu

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A Canadian among the best actresses… now this, Canada, this is what we should celebrate. Instead of that skankbag Pamela Anderson. It’s sad though, isn’t it? That more Canadians have seen Pammy fellate Tommy than have seen Juno? For those who have seen Juno however I’m sure by now you are more than a little in love with Ellen Page. Full Story

Charlize at Sundance

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Charlize Theron showed up at Sundance with Stuart Townsend to promote her new project Sleepwalking which she produced. Charlize plays a woman who gives up her children to foster care. It is not a biography of Britney Spears. Not feeling her hairstyle… you? As you can see, Charlize is all smiles and unusually spirited…especially considering the cameras are around. Full Story

Becks in Africa, Posh in Paris

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While her husband David Beckham gives back in Africa on a UN Children’s mission, playing with kids in Sierra Leone and doing something less frivolous for a change, his wife Victoria is exactly where she should be: front row at a fashion show in Paris. Orange and puckered and posed, here’s Posh with Dita von Teese and Claudia Schiffer at Roland Mouret, the designer of her famous Moon Dress. Full Story

Willis > Stamos?

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Her name is Emma Hemming, a model. She’s now dating Bruce Willis. But rumour has it she was supposedly involved with John Stamos not too long ago, though information on this is sparse because… well … who really cares about John Stamos. This is probably why Emma’s moved on to Bruce. Full Story

Probably an Old Client

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Incredibly, Denise Richards was granted permission yesterday by a judge to go ahead with a reality show featuring her children – over Charlie Sheen’s protests. With recommended restrictions. Which means she can exploit her kids in exchange for a career. That judge must have been one of her old Heidi Fleiss clients. Full Story

Chicken Fried “Far From Over”

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Adnan granted an exclusive interview to Entertainment Tonight (claims he wasn’t paid for it) and announced that his relationship with Britney is “far from over”. To prove his point, he and Britney were seen hand in hand yesterday making several stops for the paps on their way to some hotel in Beverly Hills. Full Story

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Dear Gossips,

The nominations are in!!! And there are a few surprises. One bigger than the rest. Because Angelina Jolie, considered a shoo-in up until this morning, was shut out in favour of Laura Linney in The Savages. But who can deny Laura Linney? In fact, it’s almost criminal that Hilary Swank has two while Laura Linney remains Oscar-less.

And go Ellen Page! And my Marion Cotillard! And of course the incomparable Cate Blanchett earning a nomination in both actress categories – for “imitating a man” in one of them. Tell that to that tool Billy Bush?

But despite the fact that the Pitts will not be bringing their porn to the Oscar red carpet this year, quiveration will still be aplenty. Clooney, Depp, Javier, and Viggo! Yum!

For the full list of nominees led by 8 each for There Will Be Blood and No Country for Old Men, click here.

Tuesday, am online all day, check back often.

Yours in gossip,


PS. My Test the Nation score was 50 out of 60. Yay bloggers!

PPS. Keith Urban is not an uninterrupted cheater. At least not the one in question.

There is Sad Smut

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If you’ve been reading this column awhile, and if you’ve been paying close attention to the riddles, a grizzly one in particular, you should not be surprised. Still…it is shocking. And it is sad smut. Heath Ledger is Sad Smut. Yes, that is a riddle clue.  Full Story

New Day, New Shoes, and Pacey too

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Diane Kruger at the Chanel Haute Couture show today in Paris wearing yet another pair of killer heels, this time in yellow. LOVE. She also hit up Boucheron"s 150th Anniversary Dinner Party in a sexy white dress accessorised by her sexy beast of a boyfriend Joshua Jackson who has become quite the fashion dude himself. Full Story