The Example

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If only there were more Tina Feys in Hollywood…but then it wouldn’t be Hollywood, right? A stunning Tina Fey at the Time Magazine event the other night, earning and deserving a spot on the Time 100: - first female head writer on Saturday Night Live- one of the best anchors of Weekend Update- wrote the screenplay for Mean Girls…critically praised, described as an even “better version of Heathers”- is the creator, producer, writer, and star of 30 Rock, the season’s most acclaimed new sitcom And of course, one more reason to worship Tina Fey – you will recall it was Tina who openly called Paris Hilton a PIECE OF sh-t on Howard Stern last year. Full Story

A Heartwarming Sense of Humour

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For a refresher on why Roger Ebert is my hero, click here. But Rob Schneider? Makes sh-t ass movies but today he is the sweetness. Background: Ebert wrote a scathing review of Rob’s movie Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo, sending Rob a strong message – Your Movie Sucks. Full Story

Fonda Hates Lohan, Lilo Loves Best

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Looks like Dina Lohan’s foray into red carpet reporting isn’t going so well… As mentioned yesterday, Dina Lohan was hired by Entertainment Tonight to work the carpet at the Georgia Rule premiere in NYC and as usual, she stupidly pimped out her kid with extremely embarrassing consequences. Full Story

Help Them!

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SO revolting…have you ever seen anything so revolting? Hollywood Ebola facing temporary vaccination, facing 45 days behind bars, doing whatever she can to escape that fate, and now resorting to exploiting her pets, those poor poor pets subjected to a lifetime of captivity with the skankest ho in Hollwood – there really is no bottom when it comes to Paris Hilton, non? Here she is, juggling three dogs – accessories to be toted out whenever convenient and then ignored the rest of the time, deprived of genuine love and affection that comes with a real animal lover instead of the part-time convenient caring that comes with being owned by Hollywood’s most frivolous beast. Full Story

I Buy What She Sells

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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, two of the biggest, if not THE biggest players in Hollywood, and if they all play the game, if it’s a level playing field, it’s undeniable then that when these two bring their A Game, they play it better than anyone else. Angelina on promo for A Mighty Heart – there is some buzz that they are trying to push for an Oscar (although smart money early in the race is on Cate Blanchett for The Golden Age) and in the face of so many conflicting and sometimes malicious reports in the tabloids, Angelina is carefully choosing how to pimp her message… first an interview alongside Mariane Pearl Full Story

Penny & Lenny???

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Indeed…that’s the story. That Penelope Cruz has moved from Josh Hartnett to Lenny Kravitz and the two are making Spanish rocker sexytime prompting the usual conundrum whenever she hooks on to someone new: is she Bearding or Where’s the Purse? All thanks, of course, to the Gay Midget Dwarf. Full Story

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Dear Gossips,

LOVE New York! Arrived late last night, back briefly in Vancouver before heading to Edmonton this afternoon – a few quick lingering thoughts re: Costume Gala etc first…

And had the honour of interviewing the most amazing woman yesterday for eTalk. Her name is Brandusa Niro (no stranger to the fashion cognoscenti out there) editor in chief of The Daily which of course is devoured by every style know-it-all during New York Fashion Week twice a year and editor in chief of the Fashion Mini – like an Us Weekly for the fashion industry, fashion gossip for the fashion insider – now published every month but up to this point sold only in select cities in the US…until now. Available in Canada starting July…love, love, love.

It’s Wednesday, live blogging, check back often for new posts.

Yours in gossip,

PS. Re: Cate Blanchett…yes, I’ve seen the photo printed by the UK tabloids accusing anorexia, and I’ve read your emails blasting me for saying she looked great at the Gala. Believe whatever you want but that photo was taken from a ridiculously bad angle under the most terrible light inside a white tent with every kind of weird glare bouncing from side to side and up and down. Girl is naturally slender anyway and also naturally pretty pale. Because she’s not Jessica Simpson obsessively on a tanning bed! Anyway, at one point, I was standing 5 feet away from her. She was not shockingly thin, she was not deathly thin, no one gasped – as suggested by the rags. There were no “murmurs” of alarm about her frame and everyone I was around seemed to be in agreement with her gorgessity, including members of our crew that consisted of a non-fashion dude cameraman who doesn’t know a Stam from a Birkin - even he was impressed by her beauty. But that’s boring right? Stick thin sells papers, period…but nevermind that last Fall she signed onto a film called Cancer Vixen based on Marisa Acocella Marchetto"s real life battle with the disease. By the way – did you know that Christian Bale lost 65 pounds for a movie called The Machinist and no one lost their sh-t? Sorry, I digress. All I’m saying is give her some credit. It’s CATE BLANCHETT and not some learning impaired Hollywood starlet battling the Hollywood standard. You think the formidable Cate Blanchett would succumb to vain starvation? Please.

Hate It

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Becks newly shorn – still hot, always hot… but I like the shock blonde way more. This way he looks – gasp! – almost ordinary, non? source  Full Story

Told to be Contrite

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Is it contrition if it"s ordered? You know what the scary thing is? The scary thing is there are some idiots in the world who will actually believe that she means what her lawyer told her to say. The good news however is that finally, finally, finally, Paris Hilton is beginning to understand the cold, hard truth: that she is universally despised, that she is universally regarded as – what Tina Fey called – a piece of sh-t. Full Story

The Bimbo Man-Over

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Not that I don’t think that he’s hot without the shaggy, because he totally is… but wow! Look at the cheekbones and the carefully tousled hair, even a little pout action goin’ on – the new John Mayer with a Hollywood Bimbo Makeover, here at the Costume Institute Gala and last night at the Time Magazine event, MUCH more stylish than that blonde he keeps pissing on, aesthetically definitely a huge improvement but… doesn’t that make the Simpson sting even a little more painful? First she spoiled his talent, spoiled his reputation as a cerebral, sensitive rocker, turning John Mayer into just another musician who thinks with his dick. Full Story

Dying? Starving? Really?

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Cate Blanchett Tuesday night at the Time Magazine event… As you can see, she doesn’t have an eating disorder, nor is she dying, or starving, or emaciated, or frightening. Hate to say it but...told you it was a bad angle photo. Again, in person, at the Gala, she was fine, more than fine – she was lovely. Full Story