Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Dear Gossips,

Today is a day for …distractions? We are here for that. And several celebrities are helping. We even got a royal assist from Prince Harry. Are you swooning? Also today, since stress relief is at a premium, it’s that thing we do every year – handicapping the Sexiest Man Alive.  Read Full Intro

Smutty Tingles

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 8, 2016 21:13:53 November 8, 2016 21:13:53

What Will and Kate cost Canada (Dlisted

When Warren Beatty hit on Ellen DeGeneres (Just Jared

Michael Fassbender on Bond and Trump (Cele|bitchy

Lady Gaga wore Michael Jackson’s jacket (TooFab

Middleton family drama? (Celeb Dirty Laundry

So….does this mean that Friends doesn’t hold up? (Pop Sugar

These glasses are typically worn with a porn ‘stache and bellbottoms, right? (Popoholic

If you were curious about the man behind the “You’ve Got Mail” voice (Hollywood Tuna

Pretty skirt on Elizabeth Banks (Go Fug Yourself

Justin Timberlake: SMA 2016 Odds

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 8, 2016 20:05:45 November 8, 2016 20:05:45

Arguments for: -If there’s anyone who would say YES PLEASE ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME to this title, it’s Justin Timberlake. Photo shoot? No problem. Exclusive interview? No problem. -Trolls and that goddamn song, Can’t Stop The Feeling. Full Story

Jake Gyllenhaal: SMA 2016 Odds

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 8, 2016 19:46:34 November 8, 2016 19:46:34

Arguments for: -Do we really have to do this? -He’s SO f-cking hot -He’s SO f-cking cute -He’s SO f-cking talented and his talent is versatile  – he can sing, he can improv, he can do drama, comedy, action, indie, sketch -Nocturnal Animals comes out right around the time PEOPLE announces the Sexiest Man Alive. Full Story

Michael Phelps: SMA 2016 Odds

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 8, 2016 19:36:22 November 8, 2016 19:36:22

Arguments for: -All those Olympic medals -The comeback story -His body -He’s married, he’s a dad now, he can’t stop gushing about it on social media; the MiniVan Majority loves that sh-t -It doesn’t get more American than Michael Phelps Full Story

Handicapping the Sexiest Man Alive 2016

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 8, 2016 19:28:23 November 8, 2016 19:28:23
Chris Jackson/ Getty Images

Look, if we were voting on this today, and just today, I feel like Prince Harry, with his Love Shield would be the unanimous winner. And, if they decide to dispense with what’s become a tradition, PEOPLE could totally name him the Sexiest Man Alive without an exclusive interview – because he’s definitely not f-cking giving one, especially not now. Full Story