Gwyneth & Ryan’s One Hit Wonders

October 15, 2015 17:05:16 Posted at October 15, 2015 17:05:16
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Kevin Mazur/ Neilson Barnard/ Getty Images

A couple of years ago, Gwyneth Paltrow and Ryan Murphy were going to do a movie together called One Hit Wonders and Reese Witherspoon and Cameron Diaz were attached to the project too. All The Skinny Singing Blondes. Then Amy Pascal left Sony and the film plans fell apart. Now, in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter Full Story

Alexander Skarsgard’s Tarzan movie might be a disaster

October 15, 2015 16:19:50 Posted at October 15, 2015 16:19:50
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Ray Tamarra/ Getty Images

Did you remember that Alexander Skarsgard is starring in a Tarzan remake? I had honestly forgotten, and I’ve written about it. Of course, that was back in 2013 when the project was put on hold by Warner Brothers, citing budget concerns. It did end up going into production in 2014, though, and it has a July 2016 release date—for now. Full Story

Madonna, Sean, and Amy

October 15, 2015 15:51:21 Posted at October 15, 2015 15:51:21
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Madonna’s Rebel Heart tour stopped in Vancouver last night. She has a runway coming out of the stage and at the end of the runway is a heart. The point of the heart sticks out into the audience and that’s typically the VIP section. Lourdes was there at the Detroit show. In Vancouver, the VIPs were Amy Schumer and Sean Penn. Full Story

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Taylor Swift’s two voices

October 15, 2015 15:14:35 Posted at October 15, 2015 15:14:35
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Chuck Klosterman’s cover article on Taylor Swift for GQ is now online. I don’t want to excerpt it. Because this is required reading for the School Of Celebrity Studies, on multiple levels. Not because he asked about Nicki Minaj – because he didn’t. And not because she takes a call from Justin Timberlake during the interview and stays on the phone with him for 15 minutes and at the end of the conversation we find out that HE asked HER if he could be on stage with her when she was on tour in LA. Full Story

October 15, 2015 – Smutty Shout-Outs

October 15, 2015 13:52:45 Posted at October 15, 2015 13:52:45
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Amanda! Happy Birthday with love from Lisa! By request, here’s OUR Obsession, Cary Fukunaga, and Theo James. And for Helena from your big sister Christina because life decided it would be a f-cking asshole lately. But I know you’ll both be fine because you have each other...and Justin Bieber…and Robert Pattinson’s hips. Full Story

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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Dear Gossips,

Big day for Taylor Swift yesterday. She received the most American Music Award nominations. The show airs November 22. Also announced yesterday – Taylor will co-chair the Costume Institute Gala next May. It’s the dress porn event of the year.  Read Full Intro

Jennifer’s script in hand

October 14, 2015 20:43:40 Posted at October 14, 2015 20:43:40
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Dara Kushner/ Splash News

Jennifer Aniston has been in New York the last week or so. She was photographed leaving her hotel today holding on to what looks like a script. As I mentioned the other day – click here for a refresher – Jen’s just confirmed several non-rom-commy roles. Full Story

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Smutty Tingles

October 14, 2015 19:07:16 Posted at October 14, 2015 19:07:16
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In other words, the whole show is going to smell really bad (Dlisted

Bill Murray got George Clooney to carry Miley Cyrus (Just Jared

Princess Catherine’s upcoming tiara and work schedule (Cele|bitchy

Justin Theroux looks great in red stripes (Pop Sugar

Do you want sex advice from her? (The Superficial

Heidi Klum in a really boring blue dress which…I’ll take it, considering what her red carpet choices have been in the past (Too Fab

How many times have you been tempted to do this though? (Hollywood Tuna

Another great look on Kiernan Shipka (Go Fug Yourself

Martha Stewart comments on Blake Lively shutting down Preserve (I'm Not Obsessed)

Eddie looks for a home

October 14, 2015 17:32:20 Posted at October 14, 2015 17:32:20
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Was just talking about Eddie Redmayne in the Brie Larson post earlier. And here he is. Well, here he was a couple of weeks ago (these photos are from September 26 but for some reason just released now) in London with his wife Hannah apparently house hunting. If they find something I’m not sure they’re really going to be able to spend all that much time there until next year. Full Story

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Effie Brown and Matt Damon are not super best friends

October 14, 2015 17:09:25 Posted at October 14, 2015 17:09:25
Sarah Posted by Sarah
Wenn, Araya Diaz/ Getty Images

The last time we talked about Ben Affleck and Matt Damon’s HBO revival of Project Greenlight, it was about #mattsplaining and Damon’s dumb remarks about diversity hiring on a film set, which he directed at Effie Brown, an African-American producer. Full Story