George Clooney talks about Amal and his birthday

May 8, 2015 14:29:52 Posted at May 8, 2015 14:29:52
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Bauer-Griffin, Sonia Hall/Jameson Bedonie/ Splash News

Tomorrowland comes out on May 22. George Clooney is now promoting the movie. Here he is at Jimmy Kimmel yesterday. And there are also interviews with Extra and Entertainment Tonight. As expected, he’s asked about his birthday (Wednesday), which is why, well, he looks rough. Like really, really tired. Full Story

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Well, okay

May 8, 2015 14:10:35 Posted at May 8, 2015 14:10:35
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Scandal Season 4 Episode 21 recap The show is the same as ever. Command is infallable, and he will always always always catch Liv before she can clue in and protect herself, and also Liv never checks out the goofy people she comes across, apparently. I could swear that the kind of checks and balances that were standard back in season 1 are skated past a lot more often. Full Story

May 8, 2015 – Smutty Shout-Outs

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Nancy! Happy Mother’s Day from Natasha! By request, here’s Jake Gyllenhaal. I have new photos of him that I’ll be posting in a separate article later today too. The Annual Family Conference "Family Involvement in Mental Health and Addiction Services" takes place each year at Vancouver General Hospital and presents groundbreaking clinical and practical information for family members, mental health and addiction service users and professionals. Full Story

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Dear Gossips,

A trailer for the upcoming Ricki and The Flash was released yesterday starring Meryl Streep as a rock star. Which basically means Meryl Streep will be nominated for more. And she totally should be. As usual, she’s amazing. But so is Audra McDonald. And that’s another bonus. Another? Written by Diablo Cody. Oh and… Rick Springfield. Ha.

It’s a little…what’s the word?... schmaltzy, for sure. But Meryl’s got what looks like an American flag tattooed on her back. I feel like that might make up for the schmaltz. The movie comes out August 7th which hasn’t traditionally been the strongest month for releases. But in recent years, we’ve seen some winners emerging from August. So let’s not yet hold August against Ricki. The hair-combs at the back of her head on the other hand…

Now those can stay in the 80s.

Yours in gossip,


Brandon’s back

May 7, 2015 20:37:50 Posted at May 7, 2015 20:37:50
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Thanks to Henry who sent this to me because I would have missed it otherwise. Brandon Flowers. His back. No shirt. NO PROBLEM. Henry asked if he was too tanned. Or skinny. Not for me. I like skinny. I prefer lanky over juiced up. So this is cranking all my gears. And I’ve been accelerating on Brandon for a while. Full Story

Butterfly on a butterfly stage

May 7, 2015 19:54:47 Posted at May 7, 2015 19:54:47
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FameFlynet, R Chiang/ Ronin 47/ Splash News

Mimi kicked off her Vegas residency last night. And look at the stage… BUTTERFLY WINGS. Our butterfly comes flying out of butterfly wings! Well… “Flying” might not be the right word. Our butterfly doesn’t actually fly. Instead, our butterfly, according to the New York Times review of the show, is “wheeled” out, several times. Full Story

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Platinum Michelle and the JB connection

May 7, 2015 19:35:01 Posted at May 7, 2015 19:35:01
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Donato Sardella/ Getty Images

Louis Vuitton Cruise collection presentation today in Palm Springs… I LOVE Michelle Williams as a platinum blonde. And whatever they’ve doing with her makeup here…SO good, SO fresh, SOOOOO pretty. Also, she’s tight with Catherine Deneuve. Definitely, someone, turn that into a movie. Full Story

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Get hard for Gwendoline Christie in Star Wars

May 7, 2015 19:18:50 Posted at May 7, 2015 19:18:50
Sarah Posted by Sarah

If you still need a reason to get on board with New New Star Wars, let it be Game of Thrones’ Gwendoline Christie as the villain, Captain Phasma. As part of their Star Wars edition, Vanity Fair is still rolling out new information on Episode VII—I still can’t bring myself to call it The Force Awakens. Full Story

Smutty Tingles

May 7, 2015 18:51:42 Posted at May 7, 2015 18:51:42
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This terrible thing happened to Adam Levine (Dlisted

Anna Wintour’s MET Gala assessment (Just Jared

Is Amal Alamuddin’s sister as boring as Pippa Middleton? (Cele|bitchy

The Justin Bieber – Selena Gomez mind games (Celeb Dirty Laundry)

Can’t decide if I like Hilary Duff’s top (Hollywood Tuna)

What do you think of Jessica Chastain’s shoes? (Popoholic

Mothers and daughters around the world (Romance Beat

Really don’t like any of this, especially the thin choker (Go Fug Yourself)

Christy & Ed

May 7, 2015 18:28:14 Posted at May 7, 2015 18:28:14
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AKM-GSI/ Splash News

It’s been 20 years since The Brothers McMullen, did you know that? I’m actually afraid to hear you say… The Brothers who? Yeah. More than half of you out there probably don’t know what that is. It was our introduction to Edward Burns. Here he is with Christy Turlington, one of the all-time greats, yesterday in New York. Full Story

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