What Else? 

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 14, 2018 21:43:31 February 14, 2018 21:43:31

A lot of my focus the last two weeks has been on my Chinese New Year health rituals. Which means my doctor has been seeing a lot of me lately. And I’ve been all over her about the vaccines I need. Like the chicken pox vaccine and/or the shingles vaccine. Ask your doctor about shingles! You don’t want shingles! We get into more of my health obsessions on this week’s Sasha Answers podcast Full Story

Robsten, reunited?  

Kathleen Posted by Kathleen at February 14, 2018 20:11:39 February 14, 2018 20:11:39

Here we go. This is when all the delusional Twi-Hard truthers still holding on to the conspiracy theory that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are secretly married and raising two children on a farm in Montana yell “I TOLD YOU SO” at those of us who live in the real world. As if they needed the encouragement. Full Story

Maybe not the Tesla we’re looking for

Sarah Posted by Sarah at February 14, 2018 19:41:07 February 14, 2018 19:41:07
Mike Coppola/ Getty Images

Nikola Tesla is ripe for a biopic. His story has everything: Genius, madness, rags-to-riches-to-rags, world-changing inventions, and a tragic ending. Tesla is one of the smartest people to ever live—if that sounds like exaggeration, x-rays are just some sh*t he discovered on accident and we’re still not even touching the greatest of his inventions and theories—and he was also a real character, as the kids say. Full Story

The Women of Black Panther, a roundup

Kathleen Posted by Kathleen at February 14, 2018 18:22:46 February 14, 2018 18:22:46
Jim Spellman/ Roy Rochlin/ Cindy Ord/ Gotham/ Paul Bruinooge/ Gilbert Carrasquillo/ Getty Images

Sarah saw Black Panther last night. Her first e-mail to me after her screening was, of course, about Okoye. I’ve BEEN telling y’all about Danai Gurira’s Okoye. People are going to lose their sh-t over Okoye. They are going to be demanding a standalone Okoye film. The same can be said for Letitia Wright’s Shuri or Lupita Nyong’o’s Nakia. Full Story

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The (early) Anonymous Oscar Voter

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 14, 2018 17:02:34 February 14, 2018 17:02:34
istock/ Getty Images

Around this time of year, the Hollywood Reporter usually does a feature with an Anonymous Oscar voter to give some sense of how certain Oscar voters might be leaning. THR’s feature usually happens during the voting period though, and not before. Oscar voting doesn’t open until February 20th and runs for a week. Full Story

Sebastian Stan at Fashion Week

Kathleen Posted by Kathleen at February 14, 2018 16:04:04 February 14, 2018 16:04:04
Dimitrios Kambouris/ Jamie McCarthy/ Angela Weiss/ Getty Images

In 2011, if I was taking bets on the Captain America star most likely to co-headline an Oscar-nominated film and sit front row at NY Fashion Week while schmoozing with Nicole Kidman, I would have bet on the Sometimes Second Best Chris, Chris Evans. I would not have bet on the guy best known then as Serena van der Woodsen’s ex-boyfriend or Leighton Meester’s real-life ex. Full Story

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Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 14, 2018 15:21:32 February 14, 2018 15:21:32

How fortuitous…and at the same time …not? Sarah Jessica Parker covers this week’s issue of PEOPLE Magazine. It’s an interview that seems like it would have been scheduled ahead of time. Divorce is on HBO right now. And, as PEOPLE notes, she’s launching a limited-edition children’s collection with the GAP that’s available on March 1. Full Story