This Is Us wins

Kathleen Posted by Kathleen at February 6, 2018 16:24:35 February 6, 2018 16:24:35

Why do we do this to ourselves? If you’re a crier like me, the Super Bowl episode of This Is Us was not fun to watch. It was good television – if you like emotional network TV dramas –but enjoyable? Gratifying? I mean, is sobbing into your laptop fun? Then I’m having a f-cking blast right now. Full Story

Barbra… and Gwyneth?!? 

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 6, 2018 15:40:15 February 6, 2018 15:40:15
Bruce Glikas/ Emma McIntyre/ Taylor Hill/ Getty Images

One of the best celebrity facts of all time is that Barbra Streisand has a mall in her basement. An actual mall. We have written about Barbra’s mall several times here on this blog. Full Story

Masters of Ex

Maria Posted by Maria at February 6, 2018 15:18:15 February 6, 2018 15:18:15
Backgrid, Mr Photoman/ Splash News

We liked Sarah Silverman and Michael Sheen together, right? We did.  In 2016, Lainey celebrated Sarah and Michael making it through another year and we have been continually entertained by his relationship with his ex, Kate Beckinsale, and her relationship with Sarah (they love each other) on social media Full Story

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Monday, February 5, 2018

Dear Gossips,

Last night was enraging – and we’ll get to that today for sure – but it was also kind of satisfying. Because much of the reaction to Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl performance that we saw online would not have happened over a decade ago which, you could say, is progress.  Read Full Intro

What Else? 

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 5, 2018 21:44:08 February 5, 2018 21:44:08

In the days leading up to the Super Bowl, there was a lot of hand-wringing about the fans in Philadelphia, about how they have the worst reputation of any sports city. Then Philly fans tried to defend themselves – sure, we have a few sh-theads among us we’re not that bad and this myth about our behaviour is just that: a myth. Full Story

Jurassic World Redux

Sarah Posted by Sarah at February 5, 2018 20:55:40 February 5, 2018 20:55:40

I was not super impressed by the first trailer for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, a trend which continues following their Super Bowl spot. I like the opening shot of the dinosaur shadow juxtaposed against the little girl’s toy horse—it’s dream and nightmare in one, and it screams Juan Antonio Bayona to me. Full Story

Saoirse & Timmy in Santa Barbara

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 5, 2018 20:44:03 February 5, 2018 20:44:03
Michael Kovac/ Rebecca Sapp/ Matt Winkelmeyer/ Getty Images

The Oscar Nominees luncheon is happening right now in Beverly Hills. The photos haven’t been posted yet so we’ll have that for you tomorrow. But for sure Saoirse Ronan and Timothee Chalamet will be there. First though, last night they were together at the Santa Barbara Film Festival. Look how cute!  Full Story

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The Rock punches a building

Sarah Posted by Sarah at February 5, 2018 20:21:36 February 5, 2018 20:21:36

If you’ve missed the news, Jumanji is tearing up the box office, becoming one of the biggest movies of 2017 (by making most of its money in 2018). As if we needed any more evidence, Dwayne Johnson is a huge f*ckin’ star who can do whatever the f*ck he wants. Full Story