The 50 Shades Freed press tour 

Kathleen Posted by Kathleen at February 1, 2018 17:59:46 February 1, 2018 17:59:46
Theo Wargo/ NBC/ Getty Images, Bauer Griffin LLC/ Splash News

Did Jamie Dornan find a personality? That was the first question I had before I watched his appearance on Ellen. The answer is "not exactly, but he's trying!" Before you yell at me about how much you love Jamie Dornan, this isn't about how handsome he is. He's handsome, sure, but you can't argue that he's ever been good at promoting these movies. Full Story

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That DJ got another job

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 1, 2018 17:23:15 February 1, 2018 17:23:15
C Flanigan/ Getty Images

David Mueller is the DJ who tried to sue Taylor Swift because he lost his job. Because he put his hand on her ass during a photo opportunity. He denies this. Taylor sued him back and won the case. And, if you recall, she was a boss during that trial Full Story

Jenny Slate and Jon Hamm’s adult drama

Sarah Posted by Sarah at February 1, 2018 16:09:35 February 1, 2018 16:09:35

Jenny Slate has a new movie with Zachary Quinto and Jon Hamm. Though these are all people capable of being funny, this does not look like a funny movie. It’s called Aardvark—everyone loves a noun title with no context—and it’s about a therapist (Slate) who starts boning her client’s brother (Quinto and Hamm, respectively), who may or may not be psychologically torturing her client. Full Story

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Tiffany Haddish: on MBJ, Beyoncé, and PTA

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 1, 2018 15:34:05 February 1, 2018 15:34:05

“Okay, so what had happened was…” Tiffany Haddish’s catchphrase is “She Ready!” But it could also be “OK, so what had happened was…” because whenever she drops the “OK, so what had happened was…”, the most amazing stories come out of her mouth. Full Story

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Dear Gossips,

It’s Bell Let’s Talk Day in Canada. On television, I work for Bell Media so, yes, I’m here to tell you about it to be a team player. But I’m also telling you about it because we do need to talk more about mental health.  Read Full Intro

What Else? 

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 31, 2018 20:33:20 January 31, 2018 20:33:20

On the new episode of Sasha Answers, I compare Justin Timberlake to an appendix, and other gnarly details. But also, what if your boyfriend is a sexist asshole? And what if your mother-in-law is a freeloader?  Dakota Johnson was sitting at Angelina Jolie’s table at the Golden Globes and people played Photo Assumption with that shot of her maybe sort of side-eying Angelina at one point when Jennifer Aniston was on stage. Full Story

Kerry Washington’s birthday

Kathleen Posted by Kathleen at January 31, 2018 20:03:55 January 31, 2018 20:03:55

Today is Kerry Washington’s 41st birthday. I’m always bragging about January babies. It’s not about star signs. I’m a Capricorn and Kerry is an Aquarius. I just have this theory that the best people happen to be born in the same month I was (Justin Timberlake excluded.) Oprah is a January baby. Full Story

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Smutty Social Media, January 31, 2018

Maria Posted by Maria at January 31, 2018 19:15:52 January 31, 2018 19:15:52

I have so many questions about this insult. First off, what about Oliver Hudson inspires such passion in this person? Second, what is the “worst version” of Bradley Cooper – the one in Wedding Crashers or the one in Aloha? Third, Oliver has three movie stars in his immediate family – wouldn’t that be the obvious insult? Maybe this guy was a Nashville superfan. Full Story

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