Smutty Tingles

November 3, 2016 21:07:14 Posted at November 3, 2016 21:07:14
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Madonna gets low at the party (Dlisted

Nicole Kidman’s love letter (Just Jared


Ryan Reynolds plays the other Ryan (TooFab

Too much silver grey eye shadow on Winnie Cooper (Hollywood Tuna

Country stars reading mean tweets (Pop Sugar

And by next year, she’ll be publishing her own parenting guidebook (The Superficial

Trying to decide if I like Gigi’s booties (Popoholic

Amy Schumer real estate (Evil Beet


Princess at the screening

November 3, 2016 20:54:17 Posted at November 3, 2016 20:54:17
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Neil Warner/ Splash News

We’ve been getting new visitors to the site – Hi! Welcome! – and one of the common questions that comes up is why I call her Princess Kate and it’s wrong and I am mistaken and she’s actually Duchess Kate. Full Story

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10 years of award show Taylor

November 3, 2016 20:33:10 Posted at November 3, 2016 20:33:10
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Rick Diamond/ Gustavo Caballero/ Getty Images

When she first started attending award shows, Taylor Swift would be in the audience, getting her photo taken with other artists by event photographers for mass release. Backstage too. That was before Bad Blood. Full Story

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Chest thumping at the CMAs

November 3, 2016 17:19:23 Posted at November 3, 2016 17:19:23
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Terry Wyatt/ Gustavo Caballero/ Rick Diamond/ Getty Images

Some people weren’t feeling Beyoncé and the Dixie Chicks’ performance at the CMAs. (I see you, Kenny Chesney. But I also understand that no one wants to follow Beyoncé.) Other people were feeling it hard. Full Story

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Beyoncé & the Dixie Chicks

November 3, 2016 15:47:51 Posted at November 3, 2016 15:47:51
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Image Group LA/ Rick Diamond/ Getty Images

A few weeks ago, we had a memory scientist on The Social who talked about how sometimes we remember things that we can’t possibly remember. Like your dad feeding you a piece of chocolate when you were 14 months old and you spat it out and it’s the story you’ve been hearing all your life so, somehow, you’ve created the memory in your mind but it’s almost impossible for you to really be able to remember it because our brains don’t build memories that early. Full Story

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Justin Timberlake Can’t Stop

November 3, 2016 15:11:30 Posted at November 3, 2016 15:11:30
Kathleen Posted by Kathleen

Sorry, I should say Justin Timberlake won’t stop. He will never stop promoting Trolls. America could be well into HRC’s second term and JT will still be rocking a troll costume and singing the most annoying song of 2016. Full Story

November 3, 2016 – Smutty Shout-Outs

November 3, 2016 14:52:53 Posted at November 3, 2016 14:52:53
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Jenn! Good luck today! I’m SO excited for you. And also SO jealous! We are the same age. You are living my dream. So, even though I know you’re afraid, and I would be too, try to remember what you’re coming out with. Or, um, losing. Ha! Here are Jason Bateman and Will Arnett to get you through. Full Story

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