Jennifer Lawrence & Amy Schumer: Globes Popular Girls

Duana Posted by Duana at January 11, 2016 19:12:13 January 11, 2016 19:12:13
Wenn, Jason Merritt/ John Shearer/ Handout/ Todd Williamson/ George Pimentel/ Steve Granitz/ Getty Images

Yes, it has happened. Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence have become the popular girls.  You know what I mean, of course. They are each the type who would be adamant about how not-cool they were growing up, but this now translates into being not-cool together, and everyone else really liking that and watching them, and boom – all of a sudden they are the cool girls in the room. Full Story

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Chris Evans: Globes slurring & flirting?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 11, 2016 18:56:12 January 11, 2016 18:56:12
Wenn, Handout/ RB/Bauer-Griffin/ Getty Images

I’m not a girl who’s after a full face of beard but not even I was immune to Chris Evans last night. Cap looked good. Really, really good. Chris was at the Globes to present Spotlight. He’s a Boston boy. But the film, well, you know the film. It’s not an easy film. And when part of your duties include saying the word “abuse”, I’m not sure you want it to come out saying “aboosh”, which is how Duana and I both heard it. Full Story

Tom Hanks: Globes Longwinded

Duana Posted by Duana at January 11, 2016 18:40:38 January 11, 2016 18:40:38
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Of all the jokes Ricky Gervais made last night, the one that landed best was arguably not a joke at all – that the Globes don’t matter that much. That, depending on who you’re listening to, votes can be bought, or the HFPA just wants to meet celebrities and will give an award to anyone who will come, or that they chase after the flavour of the week. Full Story

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Globes for Everyone: Mr. Robot

Duana Posted by Duana at January 11, 2016 18:20:16 January 11, 2016 18:20:16
Wenn, Imeh Akpanudosen/ Joe Scarnici/ Jesse Grant/ Jason Merritt/ Getty Images

If Lainey were writing this she would tell you that when she asked what she should binge, post-Christmas, pre-new year, I told her to choose Jessica Jones over Mr. Robot, which she did. I stand by my choice, because up until now, conversations about Jessica Jones were in the zeitgeist, where people who knew about Mr. Full Story

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Christian Bale: Globes low key

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 11, 2016 18:04:34 January 11, 2016 18:04:34
Wenn, Todd Williamson/ Jason Merritt/ John Shearer/ Michael Kovac/ George Pimentel / Getty Images

I don’t think Christian Bale hates these events as much as, say, Tom Hardy does. But he never looks entirely comfortable either. Last night was probably as relaxed as I’ve seen him though. And that likely has a lot to do with the fact that he’s not a favourite. Just there as part of the team. Full Story

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Will Ferrell & Mark Wahlberg: Globes Worst Waste of Time

Duana Posted by Duana at January 11, 2016 18:00:39 January 11, 2016 18:00:39
Wenn, Handout/ Getty Images

When Lainey and I discussed the show right after it aired, we agreed it wasn’t boring. Some years, sure. But this year it wasn’t boring. There were legitimate races, interesting acceptances, and of course, everyone cringing away from the white-hot glare of Ricky Gervais. So then why were we subjected to Ferrell Full Story

Brad Pitt & Ryan Gosling: Surprise Globes Presenters

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 11, 2016 17:50:47 January 11, 2016 17:50:47
Wenn, Michael Kovac/ Charley Gallay/ Handout/ Getty Images

There were rumours last that Brad Pitt might be presenting at the Golden Globes, but his name did not show up on any HFPA press releases. Same goes for Ryan Gosling – and he wasn’t rumoured at all. Brad didn’t walk the carpet. Ryan didn’t walk the carpet. But when the show started, there they were, at The Big Short table, both looking pretty f-cking handsome. Full Story

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Rachel McAdams’s Golden Globes Plus One

Duana Posted by Duana at January 11, 2016 17:45:25 January 11, 2016 17:45:25
Jason Merritt/ Kevork Djansezian/ NBC/ Michael Kovac/ George Pimentel/ Getty Images

Style and then substance? Is that the way we should go? Because Rachel has both.  I think her look last night was maybe not some people’s favourite, but I was really into it. To me, it’s a kind of a harder take on her Oscar look from 2010, which was arguably her high-water mark, stylewise. Full Story

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Kate Bosworth & Sophia Bush: Globes Extraneous Presenters

Duana Posted by Duana at January 11, 2016 17:34:29 January 11, 2016 17:34:29
Frazer Harrison/ Kevin Winter/ Jason Merritt / Charley Gallay/ Steve Granitz/ Michael Tran/ John Shearer/ Getty Images

Behold, two young(ish) women wearing pretty (boring) dresses who are presenters because they are working (not notable) actresses. What’s the point, again? Why these two? Why BOTH of them? Is one of them not enough to hold our interests but two together makes them more than the sum of their parts? Bush’s Narciso Rodriguez dress is so boring and unimpeachable. Full Story

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Michael B Jordan: Wasted talent at the Globes

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 11, 2016 17:18:33 January 11, 2016 17:18:33
Frazer Harrison/ Kevin Winter/ Jason Merritt / Charley Gallay/ Steve Granitz/ Getty Images

We’re going to get to this in a minute but… some of these presenters… There was a lot Why Is, wasn’t there? Why Is… X & Y presenting… When Michael B Jordan is present and available and, um, actually in one of the best films of the year? Duana’s post about Helen Mirren and Gerard Butler? Click here Full Story

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Taraji P Henson: Best Globes Acceptance

Duana Posted by Duana at January 11, 2016 17:12:29 January 11, 2016 17:12:29
Steve Granitz/ George Pimentel/ John Shearer/ Getty Images

Of course there were props for her win. Like, actual edible props. She seemed like the Pied Piper of Cookies as she passed them around, and it did something amazing: It started half the speech FOR her. How ingenious is that? When you only have 29 seconds, why waste time introducing the character for those who don’t know? Cookie, of course, is the only topic here. Full Story

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