June 23, 2014 – Smutty Shout-Outs

June 23, 2014 13:11:53 Posted at June 23, 2014 13:11:53
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“Happy birthday Ruth! The gurus hope you had a wonderful day yesterday and we're excited to dish with you at SMUT tonight. We'll keep our fingers crossed for some great Jake G dish for you. Those of us who can't be at SMUT tonight are counting the days until we see you again in Chicago. Full Story

Friday, June 20, 2014

Dear Gossips,

Today is the deadline for the members of the Television Academy to complete their ballots for the Emmy nominations which will be announced on July 10. This weekend also marks the end of the second season of Orphan Black.  Read Full Intro

Smutty Tingles

June 20, 2014 19:36:52 Posted at June 20, 2014 19:36:52
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Sasha Finds Kate’s shoes and JLO’s dress in LifeStyle

Chelsea Handler is now a Netflix option (Dlisted)

Would you wear this shirt? (The Superficial)

Great necklace on Naomi Watts (Just Jared)

Benedict Cumberbatch is in Boston (Cele|bitchy)

Celebrating Prince William’s birthday (Pop Sugar)

Sheryl Crow picked the wrong underwear (Too Fab)

Is Demi Moore getting married? (Celeb Dirty Laundry)

Cute outfit on Taylor Swift (Hollywood Tuna)

Gaga and R Kelly’s buried video – unburied (Evil Beet Gossip)

I hate this dress on Diane Kruger (Go Fug Yourself)

About the time JLo dressed Ben Affleck

June 20, 2014 19:24:28 Posted at June 20, 2014 19:24:28
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FameFlynet, Splash

Jennifer Lopez was on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen this week to promote the new album. The thing about JLo is that she’s always up for a fun playful interview and she can be really, really cute – on purpose, obviously – but there are some people who do it better than others, non? The clip below is 20 minutes long and the sound is not synched up but it was the best I could do with geo-blocking. Full Story

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Saved By The Bell on Lifetime

June 20, 2014 17:46:37 Posted at June 20, 2014 17:46:37
Dean Posted by Dean

How many times have we heard a former child star talk about how lucky he/she was to have grown up in the age before TMZ? Lots, right? Well now, thanks to the seemingly unquenchable 90s nostalgia trend, the Saved by The Bell Cast are finally going to know what it feels like to have their teenage dirty laundry aired as Lifetime produces a movie about what really went on behind the scenes. Full Story

Jude Law has a model girlfriend

June 20, 2014 17:19:16 Posted at June 20, 2014 17:19:16
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FameFlynet, Ryan Turgeon/ Splash

Jude Law and model Alicia Rountree were supposedly dating last year. They were seen travelling together – click here for a refresher. And then nothing. Then there were rumours of him hooking up with other people. Yesterday he turned up in New York, got out of a cab, and Alicia was with him. Full Story

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Kaley’s two bad hair days

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Christopher Polk/ Jason Merritt/ Getty

I wasn’t going to write about Kaley Cuoco until July 2, the one year anniversary of her letting us know that she was dating Henry Cavill, only to break up with him 10 days later. That whole mess made him look like a fool and elevated her to a new level of celebrity. But Cuoco showed up to two events this week – first on Wednesday at the Vera Wang opening and then last night at Critics’ Choice. Full Story

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Year of McConaughey

June 20, 2014 15:49:25 Posted at June 20, 2014 15:49:25
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Matthew McConaughey was named Best Actor in a Drama Series over Bryan Cranston last night at the Critics’ Choice TV Awards for his work in True Detective. Because at this point, McConaughey wins everything. He will be nominated for an Emmy. He will very likely win the Emmy and put it alongside his Oscar, a final resounding fist pump for the Year of McConaughey. Full Story

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American Citizen saves the day

June 20, 2014 15:32:44 Posted at June 20, 2014 15:32:44
Sarah Posted by Sarah

If there’s one story people can’t get enough of, it’s white people saving stuff. Man, people really love that story. Show us a problem and a white person to solve it, and you’re on your way to box office—and maybe even Oscar—gold. And since Reese Witherspoon, American Citizen, wants another Oscar, she’s entered the “white people saving stuff” genre with The Good Lie, a movie about how a Southern brunette woman rescues poor black boys and gives them a home and sense of family, all while teaching them football. Full Story

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The friendliest travel partners

June 20, 2014 15:01:03 Posted at June 20, 2014 15:01:03
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The two most approachable actors in Hollywood arrived together at LAX yesterday. That was probably a warm flight, non? Having said that, Sean Penn has kinda softened the last few months…I guess? It’s amazing the standard we have when it comes to him. That just because he’s not putting his fist into someone’s face, it means he’s nice now. Full Story

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Allison & Bellamy

June 20, 2014 14:42:07 Posted at June 20, 2014 14:42:07
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God I f-cking love Allison Janney. I have loved her for a long time. Since The West Wing and CJ Cregg. Duana loves Allison Janney too. And she wrote a post about her a couple of years ago – click here for a refresher – pointing out that no matter what, Allison Janney Full Story

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