Smutty Tingles

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 15, 2015 19:28:33 April 15, 2015 19:28:33

Confirmation that Shia LaBeouf has no friends? (Dlisted)  

Confirmation that Harry Styles has a big dick (Just Jared

Confirmation that Kristen Bell thinks I’m missing out on life (Cele|bitchy

Like that dog, we are all bored of Chelsea Handler’s ass (The Superficial

Cute wedding photo – for a celebrity wedding photo (Too Fab

Selena Gomez has such great skin (OK!

Beyonce’s Hawaiian anniversary photos (Pop Sugar

Jennifer Love Hewitt talks about her second pregnancy (I'm Not Obsessed

Hardy comes home

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 15, 2015 17:42:35 April 15, 2015 17:42:35
Splash News

Tom Hardy’s been working on The Revenant for months in Canada. On Monday he returned to London from Calgary. Next: promotion for Mad Max: Fury Road, one of the most anticipated movies of the season. So… he’ll be on the press tour with a shaved head and a heavy beard. A bonus for him because he seems to enjoy suppressing his hotness. Full Story

Ryan Gosling’s Lost River review

Sarah Posted by Sarah at April 15, 2015 17:10:23 April 15, 2015 17:10:23
Bauer-Griffin, Splash News

Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut, Lost River, opened to widespread scorn and general derision at last year’s Cannes Film Festival. Now, it is available on streaming platforms and in three theaters nationwide in what distributor Warner Brothers says is absolutely the release they always intended for Gosling’s debut feature film and is in no way a quick and relatively quiet shuffling off of an embarrassingly bad film from a high-profile rookie filmmaker. Full Story

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Michael B Jordan: Adonis in the ring

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 15, 2015 16:22:07 April 15, 2015 16:22:07
Photographer Group/ Splash News

Adonis is a GREAT name. I mean it’s a balls out name, for sure. And Duana would say it’s a lot of expectation to give to a baby. But holy sh-t, imagine meeting an Adonis who actually fit the name Adonis? Michael B Jordan is totally an Adonis. And that’s his character in the new Rocky movie: Apollo Creed’s (one of the great names in all the movies) grandson, a boxer, trained by Balboa, obviously. Full Story

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Carey in Charge

Joanna Posted by Joanna at April 15, 2015 15:54:46 April 15, 2015 15:54:46
Photos: Splash News

On paper, would you ever consider giving Carey Mulligan top billing over Meryl Streep for a movie? Their star power and cinematic trajectories couldn’t be more different. But that’s what happens in the first trailer for Suffragette, which was released today. It’s a first look at what many are calling an awards season favourite. Full Story

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Shoes for Beyonce

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 15, 2015 15:32:15 April 15, 2015 15:32:15
Frazer Harrison /Stefanie Keenan/ Getty Images

Beyonce was in Beverly Hills last night for the opening of the Giuseppe Zanotti boutique and was personally toured through the space by Giuseppe himself. Which basically means she gets one of everything and the next 5 seasons too…? Is that enough though? It’s not like Beyonce can’t afford to buy her own shoes. Full Story

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Justified 6.13: “We dug coal together”

Sarah Posted by Sarah at April 15, 2015 13:51:00 April 15, 2015 13:51:00

Justified Season 6, Episode 13 recap SPOILERS I started recapping Justified in season 3, and it turns out I miscounted Raylan’s body count, missing some unnamed henchmen from season one. I’ve had it at twenty-one, but it’s actually twenty-seven. Well, twenty-eight, by the end. Full Story

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April 15, 2015 – Smutty Shout-Outs

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 15, 2015 13:20:37 April 15, 2015 13:20:37

Kelly! Happy Birthday with love from Mags! Srdjan is 31 years old, a computer programmer in Croatia, graduating after 5 years in university, through 20 surgeries, 11 cycles of chemotherapy, and 30 radiation treatments. Because he’s been suffering from bone cancer in his leg since he was 15. Full Story

H7 likes ice cream

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 14, 2015 20:15:15 April 14, 2015 20:15:15

Not even I’m immune to how cute these pictures of H7 and her dad are as they share ice cream. And she looks pretty demanding about her ice cream time too. Like there’s no asking nicely when it comes to H7’s next spoonful. David Beckham is her ice cream bitch. It must be nice to know you’re still needed by one of your children. Full Story

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