Smutty Tingles

November 26, 2013 19:36:27 Posted at November 26, 2013 19:36:27
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Ummm…which one is the before and which one is the after. (Dlisted)

So the Pyramids hate Beyonce. I worry about the Pyramids now. (The Superficial)

LeAnn Rimes is picking fights with everyone (Cele|bitchy)

Jamie Lynn Spears is singing again now too (Just Jared)

Is the beginning of this video super awkward? (FishWrapper)

These pictures don’t look real (Hollywood Tuna)

Kanye is Shakespearean now (Amy Grindhouse)

Reese Witherspoon with a backpack (Pop Sugar)

Great black dress on Sarah Silverman (Popoholic)

All over head to toe NO (Go Fug Yourself)

The long wait for Mad Max

November 26, 2013 18:22:33 Posted at November 26, 2013 18:22:33
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Grey Wasp/ Splash, INF

They started working on this movie a while ago – July 2012. There were production delays. The studio was concerned. But, finally,  last week, Warner Bros announced they’d decided on a release date: May 15, 2015. 5, 15, 15. That’s still over a year out. Full Story

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There you are, Meryl

November 26, 2013 17:38:11 Posted at November 26, 2013 17:38:11
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Bryan Bedder/ Donald Bowers/ Getty

Meryl Streep has been largely absent from promotion for August: Osage County. She’s been shooting movies, busy, and hustling on carpets and at parties isn’t usually her thing, although once in a while, if Harvey Weinstein nags at her hard enough, she’ll oblige. That said, the Academy has been very kind to Meryl Streep. Full Story

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The Hollywood Reporter Actresses Roundtable 2013

November 26, 2013 16:25:16 Posted at November 26, 2013 16:25:16
Duana Posted by Duana

Look, I might argue that the TV ladies’ roundtable was a little more fun and rollicking, but there is no denying this was a delicious interview, whether you consume it on video (again, it’s an hour, but it doesn’t feel that long) or in print. Full Story

Gwyneth and the Christmas tree

November 26, 2013 16:12:12 Posted at November 26, 2013 16:12:12
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David M. Benett/ Getty, INF

Is your tree up yet? (If you do the tree thing?) Mine is! It’s our first Christmas in our new house so we did a shoot last week for The Social and tricked it out. Except for the lights. Jacek is hanging them next week. Did you hear about that family in Australia that put up half a million Christmas lights to set a world record? Click here Full Story

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A ginger beard for the South Pole

November 26, 2013 15:35:59 Posted at November 26, 2013 15:35:59
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Handout/ Getty

Prince Harry is scheduled to leave for the South Pole tomorrow on his trek with Walking With The Wounded. In advance of the trip, and to promote the endeavour, Harry gave an interview in which he showed off his ginger beard and talked about how his brother is jealous of his trip because his days are spent looking after a screaming baby. Full Story

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How Many Ways Can I Call You A Whore?

November 26, 2013 15:14:26 Posted at November 26, 2013 15:14:26
Duana Posted by Duana

Masters of Sex Season 1 Episode 9 recap Do you remember the most exciting conversations of the first couple of months away at school? It doesn’t matter if you didn’t go, you still know the ones I’m talking about. After too many Mike’s Hard Lemonades (Ugh, I don’t miss you, 1997), someone starts getting daring while talking about, you know, sex, and someone else one-ups them, and the whole thing feels very naughty and titillating even though nothing is actually happening and half the people are lying? Yeah. Full Story

November 26, 2013 – Smutty Shout-Outs

November 26, 2013 15:01:18 Posted at November 26, 2013 15:01:18
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For AP from your “best bitch” Lemmy – it’s a sh-tty time right now, isn’t it? You know what isn’t sh-tty? People like you, who give of themselves over and over again, will always have others around to rally when you’re down. So I’ve no doubt you’ll be back up soon. Full Story

Monday, November 25, 2013

Dear Gossips,

I thought the American Music Awards would be boring. I was wrong. The American Music Awards induced rage (mostly thanks to Katy Perry and Justin Timberlake), euphoria (I love you, Rihanna), and an acid trip (is Barack Obama cheating on Michelle Obama with Lady Gaga – what!?).  Read Full Intro

Conversations between Kanye and Leo

November 25, 2013 22:03:25 Posted at November 25, 2013 22:03:25
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Brian Prahl/ Splash

Kanye West was at Leonardo DiCaprio's birthday party a couple of weeks ago. Leo was at Kanye's MSG show last night. With girlfriend Toni Garrn. So, presumably, they're more than just casual acquaintances. What's that like? What does it sound like when Kanye and Leo hang out? What do they talk about? When Ye goes off about the injustice of the fashion industry and the Grammys and why his girlfriend has been excluded from the Hollywood Walk of Fame, does Leo nod in solidarity? Even though Kanye West's girlfriend's lifestyle is exactly the kind of sh-t Leo abhors? He never calls the paps. Full Story

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Kiki & Garrett's next level

November 25, 2013 21:11:15 Posted at November 25, 2013 21:11:15
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Keystone, Lisa Maree Williams/ Caroline McCredie/ Don Arnold/ Getty

Kirsten Dunst and Garrett Hedlund have been together for a while. They've been papped holding hands, out for breakfast, side by side with castmates on a red carpet... But how about on a carpet as a "couple"? First time, right? She's in Australia for Anchorman 2. Far as I know he's not in the movie (although there are a million cameos so if you correct me, I wouldn't be surprised). Full Story

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