Friday, October 4, 2013

Dear Gossips,

“Are we gladiators, or are we bitches?” What we are, here, on Scandal, is so f-cking EXTRA. Unapologetically EXTRA. Wonderfully, amazingly, all caps all the time EXTRA. Please never let it stop. Scandal is the Mariah Carey of TV shows.  Read Full Intro

Mimi’s physio

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There’s been so much heavy sh-t today. And it’s Friday. I’m ready to not deal with heavy sh-t. As always, you know who’s good for that? Come on. Mimi. OF COURSE. Here’s the last photo she posted on Twitter Full Story

American Hustle Halloween

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We had a meeting yesterday at etalk and The Social about what we’re dressing up as for Halloween. What someone wants to be for Halloween says a lot about who they are – agree or disagree? There are people I know who will only be “pretty” for Halloween. And there are people I know who will only go “ugly”. Full Story

Smutty Tingles

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I love old school Christoph Waltz (Dlisted)

Squirrels are GROSS. I would react this way too (FishWrapper)

She really is the new Jennifer Love Hewitt (The Superficial)

Superman and the Lone Ranger go on a scooter ride together (Just Jared)

Vanessa Hudgens’s extensions look good here (Hollywood Tuna)

Um. The rare time a pair of pants doesn’t work on Kate Moss (Pop Sugar)

What Jennifer Aniston hates to be called (Cele|bitchy)

Underappreciated gay movies (The Backlot)

You need to see this when you go to NYC too (Towleroad)

What the f-ck is around her waist? (Go Fug Yourself)


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AKM-GSI /Splash News

I love when a word has so many different meaning. It’s that kind of day, given our content so far. “Tomorrow” is especially versatile. Check out Quvenzhane Wallis in New York on the set of Annie. She’s walking down the street and she’s singing (lipsynching) the song: The sun’ll come out Tomorrow! Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow They’ll be sun  I used to sing this every time my parents pissed me off when I was young. Full Story

Britney’s sexy problem

October 4, 2013 15:32:24 Posted at October 4, 2013 15:32:24
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From Britney to Miley and back again… Britney Spears called into a radio show yesterday to talk about Work Bitch. At one point, the conversation became about how “sexy” the video is – “sexy” highlighted because that it’s up for interpretation. Anyway, apparently Britney is uncomfortable with it. Full Story

Jack Ryan’s Swan Song

October 4, 2013 15:05:58 Posted at October 4, 2013 15:05:58
Sarah Posted by Sarah

In the wake of Tom Clancy’s death earlier this week at 66, it could seem mercenary that Paramount is releasing the first poster and trailer for the latest cinematic iteration of Clancy’s popular character Jack Ryan, which is creatively titled Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (sounds like a video game). Full Story

Slim Harry Down Under

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KHAP /Grey Wasp /Splash News

Prince Harry arrived in Sydney today in advance of the International Fleet Review. As I wrote the other day, Harry has some contouring back in his face now that he’s training to Walk With The Wounded. He did however go clubbing twice with Cressida Bonas since then. Full Story

Where are you Ben Affleck?

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I’ve not seen photos of Ben Affleck with his kids this week, have you? And not last week either. I spent 5 minutes looking for them and the last ones I could find were from September 21st when he was out with daughter Violet. But Runner, Runner opens today. Runner, Runner is currently posting a wicked score of 9% on Rotten Tomatoes Full Story

Sinead vs Miley

October 4, 2013 14:00:59 Posted at October 4, 2013 14:00:59
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So Miley Cyrus said her Wrecking Ball video was inspired by Sinead O’Connor’s Nothing Compares 2U. And Sinead was contacted by all kinds of media asking for comment. She decided to write Miley an open letter instead. You can read that here Full Story