August 15, 2013 – Smutty Shout-Outs

August 15, 2013 13:07:08 Posted at August 15, 2013 13:07:08
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Spread some sunshine today and make a kid’s dream come true!  Every time you tweet #SpreadSunshine or share a Sunshine Facebook badge, you trigger a $5 donation by Winners/Homesense towards a ‘Sunshine DreamLift’ to send 80 Sunshine Kids to Disney World. Their online goal is 30,000 shares/tweets, which equals one Sunshine DreamLift for 80 Sunshine Kids. Full Story

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Dear Gossips,

Sandra Oh announced yesterday that she’s leaving Grey’s Anatomy. There’s no drama. There was no tantrum. And you don’t have to be Nostradamus to know that she won’t be sh-tting on the show at the end of it.  Read Full Intro

The Grandmaster in New York!

August 14, 2013 21:02:21 Posted at August 14, 2013 21:02:21
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Ilya S. Savenok/ Getty

Wong Kar-Wai’s The Grandmaster (now presented by Martin Scorsese) screened in New York last night. The director and his stars, Zhang Ziyi and Tony Leung, were there with Susan Sarandon and Samuel L Jackson. As you know, like a proper Hong Kong girl, I LOVE Tony Leung. And he looks so great in this black suit. Full Story

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Smutty Tingles

August 14, 2013 20:04:41 Posted at August 14, 2013 20:04:41
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Even the Mother of Twilight is tired of Twilight (FishWrapper)

You know what Mimi must be thinking when she’s watching this, right? Because she doesn’t show up… (Dlisted)

Justin Bieber gives back ….and documents his giving back (The Superficial)

I’d rather see him with his wife than see him shirtless (Just Jared)

These booties look good on Hayden Panettiere (Hollywood Tuna)

A topless ginger…will you look? (Pop Sugar)

Benedict Cumberbatch in VOGUE (Cele|bitchy)

The Khaleesi in 50 Shades of Grey? (RomanceBeat)

Ryan Seacrest’s Instagram is an imitation of Taylor Swift and Home Alone (Cracked)

Lady Gaga, Joan Jett did this first (Hollywood PQ)


Gwyneth’s “significant problem areas”

August 14, 2013 19:27:05 Posted at August 14, 2013 19:27:05
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Thanks to Belinda, who forwarded me this article written by Tracy Anderson, Gwyneth Paltrow’s trainer and business partner. It’s a long piece, and I’m not sure what it’s about, because I skipped directly to the part where she talks about G. And, frankly, this is what I’d recommend you do too. Full Story

Jen vs Jolie: the flight-off

August 14, 2013 19:03:59 Posted at August 14, 2013 19:03:59
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Apparently Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston were supposed to fly out to London on the same flight. When an airline employee noticed that they were both booked in first class, she alerted Aniston's people and Aniston ended up rescheduling. Stupid, stupid airline employee. Great gossip was thwarted by a stupid airline employee. Full Story

JT's late night in Philly

August 14, 2013 17:05:12 Posted at August 14, 2013 17:05:12
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FameFlynet, Gilbert Carrasquillo/ Splash

Justin Timberlake was photographed in Philadelphia leaving a party last night at 2am and the photographers are saying he was with a blonde “mystery girl”, trying to create a scandal. I don’t think there’s a scandal. I do think there’s a non-famous person being extra about getting photographed which is drawing more attention to who she is and why she’s there. Full Story

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Halle Berry & Jennifer Garner vs the paparazzi

August 14, 2013 16:15:14 Posted at August 14, 2013 16:15:14
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Halle Berry and Jennifer Garner appeared before the Assembly Judiciary Committee hearing in Sacramento yesterday to urge lawmakers to pass tougher legislation against paparazzi when they’re taking pictures of celebrity children. Garner in particular became very emotional when discussing how her kids are harassed by photographers. Full Story

Little G's dad says he's really goodlooking Prince

August 14, 2013 15:50:15 Posted at August 14, 2013 15:50:15
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William stepped out for his first official appearance in Wales today since the birth of Little Prince George. He and Katy Cambridge will soon be leaving Anglesey when his RAF commitment ends in a few weeks. Will said they'll miss it there and thanked locals for welcoming them and protecting them too during the first days of their marriage and that Anglesey would always be one of the most special places in their lives. Full Story

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Kristen Stewart, student?

August 14, 2013 15:08:41 Posted at August 14, 2013 15:08:41
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TASH/ Splash

New photos of Kristen Stewart out in LA yesterday. She had her puppy with her. And this gives us an opportunity to discuss a story that appeared in the UK's Daily Mirror -- not exactly slum dunk with their reporting -- about Stewart enrolling at UCLA. Full Story

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Jakey’s women on Twitter

August 14, 2013 14:34:48 Posted at August 14, 2013 14:34:48
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FameFlynet, Pacific Coast News

Here’s Jake Gyllenhaal in West Hollywood yesterday after what was presumably a lunch meeting. As you can see, he’s leaving with a binder. Script? Earlier this week, Jake, in the same clothes, was photographed out with his German shepherd, Atticus who, for some reason, is wearing clothing, and is very well behaved off-leash. Full Story

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