Chad Michael Murray is a moron

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 8, 2006 12:00:00 January 8, 2006 12:00:00
Snicker all you want, but I used to be a diehard Dawson"s Creek fan. My husband would roll his eyes every time he found me parked on the couch, hungrily hanging off of every unrealistic, angst-filled Capeside conversation. Still, nothing irked him like the sight of Chad Michael Murray (seen here on the pages of L"Uomo) who played Charlie on the last or second to last season. And I couldn"t disagree. There was something so contrived about this young man - from his cheesy squint, to the practised purse of the lips, to the way he stands with his shoulders kind of scrunched forward - and I"ve actually been inspired on a few occasions to write him a letter chock full of advice. Dear Chad - there was only one River Phoenix. And you ain"t got it. The end. So colour me surprised when he managed to land himself a nice girl like Sophia Bush. Not only nice but also beautiful. Beautiful in that classic, elegant, universal, timeless way. He famously proposed to her in Australia while filming the cinematic gem, House of Wax, with Paris Hilton. Something about a thousand candles spelling out "will you marry me". Not very imaginative but hey… it"s Chad Michael Murray. Poor Sophia fell for it all. She was in love and she was blind. Blind to the fact that he was cheating on her rampantly. Supposedly with Paris and with Lindsay and a few other nameless whores. Cheating on her just weeks before the wedding and cheating on her even after the wedding. As you all know, she found out shortly after and she left him. It"s done, she"s single, he"s single, and the whole world knows he"s a philanderer. But look at what he left behind. Sophia, as you can see from this public appearance the other day, is total gorgessity. Chad, meanwhile, is total f*cking scum. And if you are a 15 year old fan of One Tree Hill and you have worked yourself into an adolescent huff about the fact that I"ve just bagged on your boyfriend - grow up and stop your whining. You want to pine over a piece of sh*t jerkoff…go right ahead. But don"t expect me to sugarcoat your idol"s infidelity just because you think he has nice eyes and his character is, like, ohmigod, so hot on the show. It"s time to upgrade to advanced gossip, young "uns, so quit your squealing, put your tissues away, and get on board.

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