Penelope Does Everything, Too

Maria Posted by Maria at January 11, 2013 17:53:41 January 11, 2013 17:53:41

Sometimes I almost feel bad for the really good actresses who can’t just act anymore. They also have to be singers, designers, chefs, perfumers, models and winemakers.

Everyone Does Everything (EDE Syndrome) is real and it’s part of the reality of building a long-lasting, lucrative career. Gwyneth has GOOP, Jennifer Aniston has a hair care line, Living Proof, Drew Barrymore has wine. Sometimes it’s money, sometimes it’s necessity – and sometimes it’s vanity.

Like when a really hot Penelope Cruz struts around in lingerie in a music video for Miguel Bosé. She sings! She pouts! She flips her hair! And damn it if she doesn’t look good doing it. So why is this different from Kate Bosworth for Topshop?

Because Penelope’s not selling anything in this video. She is actually a very endorsement-heavy actress (perfume, makeup, hair products, clothing), but it never feels that way with her. I watch this and think, maybe she just wanted to be in a music video (because who wouldn’t want to be in a music video?) and sing, and she can do it without damaging her reputation. There’s nothing seemly or manipulative about it.

Penelope is famous and married to someone famous (and also has a kid, whose name I don’t know -- I love that!) and none of it weighs her down or makes these little vanity projects feel hokey.

Her film work has slowed down somewhat – she’s making 2-3 films a year and working much more at home, so it's nice to see she's put her Pirates of the Caribbean money to good use (unlike Johnny who you think is so indie but keeps doing big studio movie after big studio movie).

And I’d like to believe that everything she is doing is choice, and she hasn't been pushed out of the conversation by Naomi Watts, Rachel Weisz, Marion Cotillard.... but even if she's not in contention for those big roles, at least she's not doing the zany romantic comedies (let's forgive the cameo from the awful Sex and the City 2) and instead of sulking around LA, she's working on passion projects.

When you watch her Pedro Almodóvar movies it’s easy to see why she’s a star. She’s completely captivating and enigmatic and knowing. Why did Xenu ever think he could get his clutches in her?

Attached -- Penelope Cruz at the Venuto Al Mondo premiere in Spain.


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