Tabloid Wars: People vs Madge

Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 16, 2008 16:35:34 October 16, 2008 16:35:34

People Magazine, as you know, is essentially a celebrity promotional vehicle, where publicists go to get their messages across knowing that they’ll be printed, even if it’s full of sh*t …which is most often the case.

Back in the summer, when Madonna controversy was raging over Alex Rodriguez and Her Madgesty’s alleged homewrecking, People stayed away from the speculation, standing on the safe side, and was subsequently rewarded when Liz Rosenberg, Madonna’s longtime long suffering publicist issued a statement exclusively to the publication denying any involvement with ARod and any strife in the marriage.

In other words, People printed her lies.

Yesterday however when it was time to announce Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s official separation, Rosenberg went to the AP instead. The implication then is that when Madonna’s lying she goes to People. When she has something honest to say, she goes to the Associated Press. According to Cover Awards, People is pissed!

After sanitising Madge’s smut for so long, they’re insulted to have been treated like – gasp! – In Touch and Life & Style and not offered the first stab…

As you know, nothing goes unpunished in Hollywood. So wouldn’t you know, this article appeared today on – suddenly, even though Janice Min and Us Weekly have been all over this from the beginning, suddenly People has found a “source” to describe Madonna and ARod’s “spiritual, emotional, and romantic bond”, a bond that Guy found hard to ignore.

It’s the most aggressive stance the magazine has taken against Madonna – inching very close to calling her a cheating whore…which she very well may be, although in their eyes, f&cking them over for an exclusive is so much worse.

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