The Prince and the Clooney Girl

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 27, 2014 20:38:05 February 27, 2014 20:38:05

Have you read the delicious piece on Wendi Deng in the current issue of Vanity Fair? Apart from some casual racism thrown in here and there – all class, Vanity Fair! – it’s what you wanted from the magazine on Gwyneth Paltrow, instead of a sanitised love letter from the editor to my G. Anyway, Deng was dumped by Rupert Murdoch because he thinks she was cheating on him all over the place. But this woman, as you may have seen in court, is a fighter, a survivor, and everyone is waiting for her next move. I thought maybe she would move in on a royal. I thought Prince Andrew would be perfect for her. Let’s come back to Wendi in a minute.

Because right now, according to US Weekly, Prince Andrew is getting in on George Clooney’s vacancy. You remember Monika Jakisic? The Croatian Sensation? Now that George is dating a proper barrister, Monika has moved on to a royal. Well, that’ll do, won’t it?

Apparently they celebrated his birthday together at an upscale restaurant in London and he was very demonstrative with affection…which isn’t exactly Windsor styles but then again, Andrew’s always been a bit of a problem, hasn’t he? You ever read that article on him, also in Vanity Fair, from a couple of years ago? “The Trouble With Andrew” they called it, exposing some shady behaviour that can’t be blamed on his ex-wife. Oh no, if you want to blame a woman for Andrew’s sketchy friendships and hookups, you need to look over at Her Majesty herself who has indulged him his whole life and fixed all his messes. Kinda like Hot Harry actually.

Anyway, it makes him a great target for Wendi Deng although she’s such a ballbuster, I’m not sure he could handle it. The plus side to Wendi though is that she has her own (Rupert Murdoch’s) cash money. She probably has more cash money than he does and he’s royal. So there wouldn’t be any fear that she’s golddigging his ass. Look at her resumé. If she wanted him, Monika Jakisic would not be a problem. Wendi Deng could take that out by just waving her hand. Gossip Genie this for me please, would you?

Click here to read the article on Deng. And click here to read the piece on Prince Andrew.


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