Not Emma Watson's boyfriend not at the BRITs

February 25, 2015 22:03:30 Posted at February 25, 2015 22:03:30
Lainey Posted by Lainey
Wenn, Ian Forsyth/ Getty Images

After-party maybe? Hopefully?

Hot Harry was out today in Newcastle upon Tyne visiting the charity Armed Forces and Veterans Launchpad at Avondale House. This is the first time we've seen him since that bullsh-t story by Woman's Day in Australia about him dating Emma Watson came out on Friday. But as you know, my Hot Harry Gossip Genie hookup wish has always been Harry and Taylor Swift. And she's in town right now. At the BRITs. And Ellie Goulding could be the connection? How hard could it be to make this happen, come on.

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