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ClayClay in Canada

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 20, 2006 12:00:00 September 20, 2006 12:00:00

I normally stay away from Clay Aiken, partly because his appeal is America-restricted, mostly because his fans are a whole new dimension of crazy that makes the others seem downright high-functioning. I mean, these are people who call themselves Claymates, women who have repeatedly laid eyes on him and felt loin quiveration. Full Story

The Daily Gorgessity: Posh & Becks

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 7, 2006 12:00:00 September 7, 2006 12:00:00

Sunday"s skepticism turned out to be well founded and as I"m sure you know, Spanish Beckham has yet to stake claim in Victoria"s womb. However, my favourite obsession did turn up in Venice today to promote their new fragrance...and I know I"m biased but holy sh-t does the bitch ever look good - stiff lips and concrete tits firmly in place. Full Story

Hola Spanish Beckham?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 5, 2006 12:00:00 September 5, 2006 12:00:00

Posh and Becks fans are losing their sh*t today over one little word signifying one huge development: is the Spanish Countdown underway??? Apparently so, according to a local tv station in Spain that caught up with David in his car, and upon being asked whether or not his wife was expecting, David"s response was a very simple "Si". Full Story

Beautiful Halle in Vancouver

Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 23, 2006 12:00:00 August 23, 2006 12:00:00

Image for exclusive use by courtesy Flynet Pictures. For a new movie with David Duchovny and Benicio del Toro called Things We Lost in the Fire. The dream of a model boyfriend is apparently with her as well. Or at least he was last week when they celebrated her 40th birthday in Yaletown. Full Story

Best David Wooderson: Wilmer Valderamma

Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 21, 2006 12:00:00 August 21, 2006 12:00:00

Underage p&ssy all up in the joint – of course he was there! Because this kind of Blue Steele cheese only works on 20 below. You remember Matthew McConnaughey from Dazed & Confused? Wilmer Valderamma, my friends, is totally Hollywood Wooderson, perhaps one of the most classic cinematic characters of all time, delivering one of the most classic lines of all time. Full Story

The Daily Ugly: Intimately Beckham

Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 21, 2006 12:00:00 August 21, 2006 12:00:00

His and her fragrances and a new sexy ad campaign to launch the products. Too bad they missed the mark, non? David looks fine if not a little constipated and then there’s the normally impeccable Victoria – frightening at best. First of all, that ain’t her ass. Second – what the f&CK is up with the hair??? Is it crimped? It is even washed? And third – was this a shoestring budget? Are we barely holding our designer sh*t together here? Because ANY one of their weird S&M Vogue photos would have been an improvement on this…here, I’ll give you a few examples. Full Story

The Daily Hoff: the Faux Hoff

Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 18, 2006 12:00:00 August 18, 2006 12:00:00

Before you look - wait. Just read first. I promise you won"t be sorry. As you all know, the Hoff is dead to me. Spoiled by success and attention, the Hoff has forgotten his true Hoff identity. The Hoff tries too Hoff. The Hoff has lost his Hoff. The Hoff is no more. However, like many strong cheeses, the spirit and the smell of the Hoff lingers on. Full Story

Thursday, August 17, 2006 Dear gossips, Had to laugh Wednesday AM after technical difficulties prompted the following message from Kevin L in Toronto: "My conspiracy theory - Could it be that the GMD is coming after you because of all the correct info you have posted about Him and his Fake Family? And that is why the server you are on has crashed? I was looking forward to your scoops, and just cant get in. Damn the GMD and his minions." Flattered for the concern, Kevin and fortunately, I"m safe from the Crazy"s clutches for now. Server went sideways early Wednesday morning, resulting in many of you not getting your fix until later on in the day. Remember you can always subscribe which means you receive the full text of the column emailed to your inbox without the photos so you can always check the site for visual later. Hope that helps. As Herro Kitty would say: appreciate muchly your patience today and going forward for the next couple of days while we sort this out. Thank you, love you, owe you. And in case you missed Wednesday"s column, please click on "THIS WEEK" on the left hand side of the page and scroll down til you find August 16th. Quick short blast today since Hollywood hibernation (read: colonics, Botox, last minute tucking) is in full effect, preparing for super smut season just ahead. Emmys, VMAs, both leading in to the Toronto International Film Festival, award season releases dropping in the Fall, major premieres as Oscar contenders begin to emerge in earnest… we need to rest up too, savvy? By all accounts, it"s going to be frickin" madness from late August until March and if I have to keep up, YOU have to keep up! This issue: campaigning for Kate, Dina Lohan - model mother, Beyonce - model for madness, Jessica Alba - model for bitch, and the final verdict on Penelope Cruz. PS. Forgive me, please, if I seem a little…distracted. Just came from a screening of The Illusionist and, um, Edward Norton? Total Quiveration Nation. So much so that he"s just leapfrogged Hot Harry. PPS. Sweet Goddess - can we get through one f&cking day without hearing about Jennifer Aniston talking about the engagement that she doesn"t want to talk about but keeps talking about anyway because she can"t stand not talking about it??? Yesterday it was Courteney Cox as the mouthpiece. Now it"s an exclusive denial through People Magazine, turning what was a one week headline into a neverending one, showing yet again how puppetted we all are by the one and only Stephen Huvane. Seriously…if the Beckhams want America, they best hire him. And please don"t tell me there isn"t some very clever media manipulation going on here. You already know my theory , now take a look at Perez who has gone deliciously apesh*t on Jen"s toit tanned ass for the big giant fraud that just won"t die. Click here to get his take on the situation and while we may differ on logistics, we definitely agree on the crux: the "girl next door"? She don"t exist, y"all. What you see is spin, spin, spin.
Wednesday, August 16, 2006 Dear gossips, My thanks to David Bachtel and Diva at the Met in Vancouver last night for the most lovely dining experience of the season…especially since, with all due respect, Chef Damon is one fine piece of culinary hotness. So. Le Divorce. Ironic, non? Two days worth of back and forth texts and phone calls and I"ll give you what I got re: the Hudson split. Also in today"s issue: the Beckhams visit Bono, Hot Harry"s hot hands, Lindsay Lohan"s hot breast, Jessica overdresses, Christina perfectly dresses, and some Hello Kitty hysteria to brighten up your day. PS. The most wonderful news straight from my lovely producer Danielle P - Beverly Hills 90210 Season 1 in stores OFFICIALLY ON NOVEMBER 7th!!! Don"t even try to tell me you"re not squealing. I won"t believe you. PPS. The truth about the Alba bitch spreads and spreads. Thanks to Amanda S for the tip about the mention in Defamer. And thanks to all of YOU out there for helping grow the site. Very humbled, very appreciative, very, very grateful. PPS. Courteney Cox is expected to speak to Access Hollywood on Wednesday denying the Jennifer/Vince engagement report from Us Weekly last week. Us Weekly in turn has gone back on the offensive, reiterating yet again that they stand by their story, and bringing out more examples of how they"ve been right in the past. And a full 7 days after the whole story initially broke, people are STILL talking about this non-maybe-definitely engagement, the same engagement Jen doesn"t want you to believe but that her loyal friends keep talking about, whether true or not. Have you ever seen someone go to such lengths to deny a report? What"s the point of denying something in a thousand ways if not to repeatedly create opportunities to deny it and repeatedly create opportunities for us to repeatedly talk about it? Like I said last week…Team Aniston"s Clever Spin. Well played, Huvane…well played.

La Lohan and the new reform

Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 16, 2006 12:00:00 August 16, 2006 12:00:00

Ah yes. The neverending debate. As much as some of you can"t understand why I still think they"re real, I can"t understand why you still they aren"t. They hang. They droop. It"s a 20 year old droop as opposed to a 40 year old droop but it"s a droop all the same. Full Story

Hot Harry and the Hooters

Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 16, 2006 12:00:00 August 16, 2006 12:00:00

This is why I love the London Sun , a paper with a smutty soul, keenly aware that we"d much rather see Hot Harry cupping a tit than Beaver Buck Wills boring someone with his bald spot. According to TMZ the royals are not disputing the legitimacy of the photos, but they do claim that they are old, 3 years old in fact, well before his relationship with Chelsy, well before his yearlong commitment to her. Full Story