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Prince Jackson Dating a Princess?

April 5, 2013 17:16:28 Posted at April 5, 2013 17:16:28
Dean Posted by Dean
Valerie Macon/ Getty

Sure, MJ’s kids have inherited their father’s fortune but they’ve also inherited his misfortune of having to spend their lives as tabloid side shows – and now that they’ve apparently started dating this is only going to intensify. This week, Prince, Michael’s oldest son (and oldest of two children named Prince!), has been photographed on what looks like a date with a classmate. Full Story

Prince Michael, correspondent

February 20, 2013 14:52:00 Posted at February 20, 2013 14:52:00
Lainey Posted by Lainey
REHAB /bauergriffinonline

The first son of the late Michael Jackson, Prince Michael, is now a correspondent for Entertainment Tonight. He’s 16 years old. His first interview will be with the cast of Oz: The Great And Powerful. For Entertainment Tonight, it’s an obvious stunt-hire. And, well, it’s gross, non? Is the primary intention here really to learn what it takes to be a “producer, director, screenwriter, and actor”? Or is it so that they can help us rubberneck? Do you care what he asks James Franco? Or are you scrutinising him as he’s asking James Franco whatever it is that he’s asking James Franco? And besides, you don’t need to have experience in broadcasting to know -- most interns start as proper interns, the best way to understanding how a newsroom works: transcribing, running tapes, setting time codes, helping out with edits, running cable, the smaller jobs prepare you for the bigger jobs. Full Story