Their Royal Bodies Are Touching

May 14, 2012 15:40:20 Posted at May 14, 2012 15:40:20
Lainey Posted by Lainey
Bauer, Almasi/Splash

Look at Mrs Cambridge pressed right up against her husband’s body in the first photo. There have been few lapses in concentration by Catherine over the last year. This, however, has to be an accident, a moment of relaxed familiarity given the setting. I mean, if Her Majesty had been there, they’d be at least a foot apart at all times, right? Kate’s been so rigid, so disciplined, it’s nice to see her unclench now and again, if ever so briefly.

(We will talk about Lupo later.)

I like Kate’s wedges so much more than those tacky Jimmy Choos from last week. And open toe two weeks in a row!

What’s the rationale behind the polish policy? Colour polish on feet seems to be allowed. But never colour polish on hands. At least I’ve not seen it on her, not since she became a Princess (to be). Am I lying? Because I feel like I would remember her with black or red fingernails.

Does the Queen consider it low classy?

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