Recycling and grey hairs

November 19, 2013 16:09:17 Posted at November 19, 2013 16:09:17
Lainey Posted by Lainey

The Cambridges stepped out today in England for a crime prevention charity visit to Only Connect. She re-wore the same outfit she had on for another appearance a year ago. So I’m bored.

Also she still has grey hairs. You’ll recall, it was pointed out a couple of weeks ago – the Princess and her grey hairs, scandal!

And you know she knows that they were talking about it. And she still hasn’t coloured her hair even though she knows that they’re talking about it. Because she doesn’t give a sh-t? Or because she wants to be more relatable? Or…dun dun dun…

Because she’s trying to get pregnant again!?

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