Royal Black Velvet

Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 19, 2011 22:18:11 December 19, 2011 22:18:11
I was ridiculously happy to see these photos released. Like, in a way that suggests I may have a problem. It’s just… I mean they’re three of my favourite subjects. And here they are, together, all of them, at a ball.

Come on! It’s Christmas!

Check out Prince William, Catherine, and Prince Harry at The Sun Military Awards in London tonight, the three young representatives of an invigorated monarchy. Please. Don’t lie. For a moment, you wanted to be her. Walking into a gala flanked by Diana’s boys. You know you did.

Would love to hidden camera and microphone Harry at one of these events to find out how he really behaves when he doesn’t have to be the grown up in the room. When he knows that responsibility and burden falls on his brother. Does he whisper inappropriate jokes? Does he flirt with the old ladies and spike their drinks at their request? Does he sneak off for cigarettes?

I quite like Kate’s black velvet gown. Maybe because I love black velvet, both the fabric and the phrase. Black Velvet. Kate’s Black Velvet is McQueen. You’ll note that David Beckham showed up with two of his sons, Brooklyn and Romeo. No Victoria. Really disappointed we missed an opportunity for a thin-off.

Speaking of Black Velvet…

Was it as big of a deal outside Canada as it was in Canada? It’s a great song on its own. And it’s about Elvis which made it that much more appealing for an Elvis superfan (me, back in the day). Molasses, music, Memphis, and heat waves…even the lyrics, they were thick with warmth and sex.

Chris Jackson/Getty

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