New mom Princess Catherine goes for groceries

Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 27, 2013 20:12:20 August 27, 2013 20:12:20

Here are the first good quality pap shots of Princess Catherine since giving birth to Little G last month. It's been what? 5 weeks now?

Kate's in Wales with William who's back at work. She went to the Waitrose for groceries. And...maybe to get out the house? Nanny's at home with the kid, why not step out for an hour or so. Is this a new mother compulsion? Or do you think it's super hard for her to be away from the baby? That baby cries a lot. Will kept saying he cries all the time. And Harry too. So it probably wasn't that hard. 

I will stop talking now so that you can eyeball her without distraction which is what you really came for, isn't it?


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