Princess in the City…

Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 29, 2013 20:30:54 October 29, 2013 20:30:54

In a cape!

Princess Serenity was in New York today doing some shopping. The photographers tried to frame him out but I’m pretty sure the dude holding her bag is her bodyguard. Just one bodyguard? Or did they fan out so that the paps could take their pictures? I feel like that’s a lot of distance for a royal. Like, if Princess Catherine of William were walking around Manhattan, would she get that much space? At official events, where we see her playing volleyball or talking to the children or whatever, sure. Because they’ve swept the venue in advance and are guarding the perimetres to protect her. Out on the open street, when they haven’t cordoned off access is another situation altogether. Sh-t, even Beyonce doesn’t get that much free roam from her security team.

Then again, you have to wonder if Charlene wants it. She’s away from the castle. She’s away from whatever it was that allegedly kept her from running off in tears before her wedding. I’d want as much space as I could have too. Even if it’s just temporary.

Asadorian-Mejia/ Splash

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