Canada’s Sweetheart stays in Canada

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 9, 2013 20:32:38 April 9, 2013 20:32:38

You needed a Canadian palate cleanser after that, didn’t you?

How about Rachel McAdams, our sweetheart? She really is.

Rachel was on Kimmel last night in purple pants and a purple blouse that seemed, maybe?, a little too harsh with her hair? No matter. It doesn’t take away from how lovely she is. SO lovely. Always.

Kimmel asked her about how it was for her, being a Hollywood actor but living in Canada. Her answer was pretty much -- well, there are airplanes. And in Toronto there are fewer paps. The pap industry isn’t as lucrative for them there. Exactly. You CAN work and NOT reside in Los Angeles. She’s not the first to say it. She may be the first however to talk about how her local grocer got her high on liquid marijuana.


A nice girl on marijuana?

Also, she’s still so cute even when she has a puffy allergy face.

I will never give up on my Rachel-Jake Gyllenhaal dream. NEVER.

Wenn, Splash

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