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Bond 24: Spectre

December 4, 2014 18:44:13 Posted at December 4, 2014 18:44:13
Lainey Posted by Lainey

I like Bond movies but I'm no Bond historian. Spectre, the title of Bond 24, just announced today, will mean something to Bond nerds though the way "alohomora" means something to Potterheads (me). For many, a Bond film is an Event. My best friend Fiona is big on Bond. She'll see it the first weekend. Full Story

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The joy of The Grand Budapest Hotel

October 17, 2013 20:33:19 Posted at October 17, 2013 20:33:19
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Those who don’t enjoy Wes Anderson’s films knock it for their preciousness and pretention. Sometimes, yes. But I will defend The Royal Tenenbaums every day. And how can you hate Bottle Rocket? Also, Moonrise Kingdom was one of my favourite movies of 2012. Maybe my favourite movie of 2012. Full Story

You are not alone

February 6, 2009 12:38:00 Posted at February 6, 2009 12:38:00
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Kate Winslet, Ralph Fiennes, and David Kross (he is so cute!) today in Berlin at a presser for The Reader. Have you seen it yet? It’s worth seeing, not only because Harvey campaigned so hard it took away The Dark Knight’s spot for Best Picture nomination, but because it’s a thought provoking, decent film. Full Story

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SAG Ladies and Ralph: Meryl, Susan, Kristin

January 26, 2009 06:56:30 Posted at January 26, 2009 06:56:30
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Awards season means the likes of Lauren Conrad are shoved to the side…have you noticed? It’s time for real stars, real celebrity, so f-ck off reality twats because Meryl Streep has just won a SAG. Wearing a pantsuit. Heh. Love that Meryl is never super appreciative. That she doesn’t have to be. Full Story

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Is this your Kate?

December 4, 2008 06:41:19 Posted at December 4, 2008 06:41:19
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Kate Winslet with Ralph Fiennes last night at the NY premiere of The Reader. Of course she’s gorgeous. Of course she’s kickin’ it in that Herve Leger. But this … is this your Kate? This overtanned, overblonde Real Housewife of Some County? Maybe it’s just me. Anyway, Kate is officially kicking off her double Oscar run – entered into contention in the Best Supporting Actress category for The Reader and the Best Actress Category for Revolutionary Road which has been building upon very positive early praise for both her and Leo and the flow of the film as a whole. Full Story

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The Duchess in blue

September 3, 2008 12:34:23 Posted at September 3, 2008 12:34:23
Lainey Posted by Lainey

People keep saying Keira Knightley is too thin. Can’t imagine why. She’s, like, so totally healthy looking, don’t you think? That said, I LOVE this dress. For her. It’s gorgeous. London premiere of The Duchess is happening right now – Keira brought her bones along with her pout and was kind enough to sign autographs for fans without cussing them out. Full Story

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This is Tom Riddle

July 29, 2008 13:17:22 Posted at July 29, 2008 13:17:22
Lainey Posted by Lainey

If the name means nothing to you, skip to the next. You won’t care. But many, many, many of you DO care. Because we love Harry Potter. And the brand new trailer for the Half Blood Prince drops tonight. Yay! Among the juicy reveals – a first look at Tom Riddle. Creepy, right? Of course. This is the boy who will go on to become the Dark Lord Voldemort. Full Story


November 28, 2007 12:09:17 Posted at November 28, 2007 12:09:17
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Only because they cuss with such abandon and beauty, a degenerate dirty gossip lover like me can’t help but love it. Oh…and Colin Farrell and Ralph Fiennes together don’t hurt either. Why do I love it when Ralph drops the C bomb? It’s the trailer for In Bruges, Colin’s new movie that will open Sundance in January. Full Story

The Perfect Couple

April 9, 2007 12:00:00 Posted at April 9, 2007 12:00:00
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Ellen Barkin is a feisty broad. Ralph Fiennes is a sexy perv. I love them both. And I LOVE them both TOGETHER. They’ve apparently been seen out and about NYC, sharing drinks at the Waverly Inn and heading out together at the end of the night. As they were leaving, Ralph apparently held her close, whispering what I imagine to be very, very, very naughty thoughts in her ear - dirty words with an English accent…. Full Story

The Daily Horny Bastard: Ralph Fiennes

March 6, 2007 12:00:00 Posted at March 6, 2007 12:00:00
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Dude is out of control…and I LOVE it! First the mile high invitation, then the naked yoga details, now it’s naked swimming in Belgium with a pool-full of young women… four lasses to one Ralph – the man clearly has a raging libido, pervy on anyone else, but totally hot where Ralph Fiennes is concerned. Full Story