Sunny & Scowl

Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 28, 2009 08:28:20 October 28, 2009 08:28:20

A spectacular Reese Witherspoon showed up at the Avon event in New York last night. And she knows it too. Look at that smug little face. America’s Sunshine is the Avon spokesperson, and she certainly pulled it all out for the photos to make sure the Avon name gets enough play today. As for Jakey, well, he’s in NYC too. Was spotted out with his dad a couple of days ago and apparently they’ve all enjoyed some family time. Reese is in tight with Maggie too.

While Reese’s sweetness belies the bitch underneath, they say the opposite is true of Mrs Dempsey.

Yes, ScowlFace showed up with her husband and, as usual, she looked scowly. I’ve heard from some people who insist that she’s the loveliest person ever and if that’s the case, it all goes back to what you were born with. My mother says it all the time – it sucks when you come out of the womb and misery is naturally imprinted on your head. Some people are born sunny. Some are born scowly. Wonder if smiling with teeth would help? Squawking Chicken says it would. Anything to reverse fortunes. Scowlfaces bring bad luck on their husbands. It’s a bitter melon life.

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