Mrs Toth’s first Christmas

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 3, 2012 15:02:35 January 3, 2012 15:02:35

Reese Witherspoon spent the holidays in Hawaii with her children and her husband of 10 months Jim Toth (not pictured). Remember when Reese got married during promotion for Water For Elephants and released her wedding photos to PEOPLE Magazine just two weeks before the movie came out? It’s not just Kardashians, you know.

But Reese is so delightful and goes to church! Churchgoers can’t be schemers!

What if church is in Los Angeles? Does that make a difference? And does that help with timing the new baby? For This Means War next month or do you bank the child for her next Oscar campaign in two years? I say bank the child. Mrs Toth wants very much to call herself a 2 time winner. Save it for the Academy.


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