RDJ’s Korean Birthday

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 4, 2013 18:02:18 April 4, 2013 18:02:18

It’s Robert Downey Jr’s birthday today. He’s 48. And he’s celebrating in Seoul promoting Iron Man 3. I wonder if he’d be willing to fly over to Pyongyang and talk some sense into that child running the North who thinks that life is a video game. Don’t you think that kid would feel so much better if he could hang out with Tony Stark, maybe try on the suit or something? Crisis easily averted. And, you know, I feel like RDJ would be down with that. I feel like he’d give back to the world like that. I mean, if Dennis Rodman can ...

But God RDJ he is cute, isn’t he? Really into how he’s wearing his hair right now. And his personal style. See Johnny Depp? You can do it, with flair and individuality, but without the 18 scarves, necklaces, and rings. RDJ is wearing a tuxedo here and I feel like he takes LESS time to get ready than Johnny does, as he loops one kerchief on one side and strings another locket through another chain while balancing his fedora on top of his bandana and distressing his jeans just so.

As for Iron Man 3 -- we took our nephew to GI Joe the other day (I can’t, don’t ask me about this movie because I can’t) and the new trailer played during the previews. There have been so many teasers and trailers and promos, I couldn’t remember if I’d seen this particular one before but even if I had, it felt new...because of the difference it makes to watch it in a theatre. And to hear in the theatre Ben Kingsley deliver that line the way he does:

“You’llll neverrrrr seeeee meee...coming.”

But also, when Tony shouts “GO!” ...

Is that the first time, in all the times we’ve seen him, through the first two and The Avengers, and the cameos, that Tony seems...



I love that he can do this with a character, RDJ. That even in the smallest moments he can show us new things. And it’s a SUPER HERO movie.


Han Myung-Gu/ Getty

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